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Train Ticket:A Benchmark Microservice System

The project is a train ticket booking system based on microservice architecture which contains 41 microservices. The programming languages and frameworks it used are as below.

  • Java - Spring Boot, Spring Cloud
  • Node.js - Express
  • Python - Django
  • Go - Webgo
  • DB - Mongo、MySQL

You can get more details at Wiki Pages.

Service Architecture Graph


Quick Start

We provide k8s deployment to quickly deploy our application: Using Kubernetes.

Using Kubernetes

Here is the steps to deploy the Train Ticket onto any existing Kubernetes cluster.


1. Clone the Repository

git clone --depth=1 
cd train-ticket/

2. Deploy the application

For Quick Start

make deploy

Note: if you want specify namespace, set Namespace paramter:

make deploy Namespace=yournamespace

Deploy Mysql Clusters For Each Services

make deploy DeployArgs="--independent-db"

With Moinitorig

make deploy DeployArgs="--with-monitoring"

With Distributed Tracing

make deploy DeployArgs="--with-tracing"

Deploy All

make deploy DeployArgs="--all"

Customise Deployment

You can freely combine parameters for custom deployment, for example, deploy with monitoring and tracing:

make deploy DeployArgs="--with-tracing --with-monitoring"

Reset Deployment

make reset-deploy
# if you specify namespace when deploy, set namespace as well when reset
# make reset-deploy Namespace=yournamespace

3. Run kubectl get pods to see pods are in a ready state

4. Visit the Train Ticket web page at http://[Node-IP]:32677.

Build From Source

In the above, We use pre-built images to quickly deploy the application.

If you want to build the application from source, you can refer to the Installation Guide.

Test scripts

Use scripts to test train-ticket:


screenshot In order to know how to use the application, you can refer to the User Guide.



Serverless Train Ticket

We have released a serverless version of Train Ticket.

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  • Java 54.7%
  • JavaScript 24.2%
  • HTML 18.0%
  • CSS 1.4%
  • Python 0.7%
  • Shell 0.6%
  • Other 0.4%