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Generator for Frontend Projects

Perfectionist generator that scaffolds out different types of Frontend application

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Generator Smacss


  • Different Projects; One Generator - Create your type of project in fairly simple steps
  • Highly Maintainable - Uses SMACSS approach (BEM, OOCSS, ITCSS in backlog)
  • Readymade — Directory structure, Naming convention, Linking your app done right.
  • Speedy Workflow - CSS Preprocessor (Sass), Partials, Browser Sync, Live reload.
  • Performance Matters - Minify HTML, CSS, & JS. Optimize Images.
  • Quick Commands - Generate Build, Clean up, Zip project, Angular commands and lot more to come.

App Types

  • Simple Web App — Sometimes you just need a gulp server(localhost), scss compiler & browser-sync(live reload). Well that's exactly what this app is for.
  • Full Pack Web App - Thinking of creating a solid frontend base with proper structure, well optimization; choose this applicaton type which comes with power features.
  • Angular App - Angular app with basic configurations and quick commands for creating controllers, directives, services and filters. More to come!
  • Restify App - API developer? Want to create REST API services with mongodb, This app type got your back which scaffolds basic files like models, controller, routes, db & config.
  • Admin Web App - Create an Admin app with bootstrap integrated. Pages: Dashboard, Sidebar, Notfication, Forms, Tabular Data and Bootstrap Elements for quick use.

Getting Started


You need to have NodeJS & Yeoman installed on your machine

npm install -g yo

Install smacss generator

npm install --global generator-smacss

Creating project

  • Run yo smacss

  • Answer simple questions in terminal

  • Generator will automatically try to install dependencies in your project folder.

  • You got your installation successfull 'You are lucky', run the server following the instruction in next section.

  • In case you got any error you may not have admin rights

    • a) cd to your project folder
    • b) Run sudo bower install & npm install followed by your machine password in Mac/Linux environment; Windows user try running as administrator

Run your project

At this stage your project is setup and dependencies are installed, It's showtime!

  • Run gulp to run the server, and you are good to start your development.

Directory Structure

Your directory structure will look like this

Directory Structure

Quick commands

Terminal commands to speed up repetitive tasks you do in projects. Simple app idea is to maintain as minimal as possible; so quick commands won't work.

General - Applies to Full Pack and Angular

  • Clean Remove all files from your build folder

    gulp clean
  • Zip Compress you app & save in zip folder with timestamp for quick sharing

    gulp zip

Angular App

  • Controller Creates a controller in app/js/controllers

    yo smacss:controller <name>
  • Service Creates a service in app/js/services

    yo smacss:service <name>
  • Directive Creates a directive in app/js/directives

    yo smacss:directive <name>
  • Filter Creates a filter in app/js/filters

    yo smacss:filter <name>


Generator Smacss comes with development and producution modes. In default it runs in development mode.

You can switch to production mode using the following command

gulp prod

Bower Components

Tip: While installation additional bower components to your project, make sure your save your new component in your bower.json file by installing like below

bower install <bower-component-name> --save

So that generator will automatically include your new bower component to bower.js file for usage

Release Notes

You can find the detailed release notes here


  • --skip-welcome-message Skips the welcome message and take you to question.
  • --skip-install Skips the automatic execution of bower and npm after scaffolding has finished.


Contribution would be of great help to create a solid generator for frontend projects

  • Fork the project
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix
  • Send pull request

Active Contributors

Logesh Paul Gokulakrishnan Thiyagarajan Ritesh Babu Sugan Krishnan Lubaib Gazir