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Fuel Rats API v3 Beta

Beta 4 of Fuel Rats API v3 is now accessible on Bugs shall be filed to the API Jira project.

Documentation is available here (Work in progress).

Until a beta version of the website front-end with oauth client management is available you may contact xlexious to create a user and OAuth client on the beta API. Using OAuth with API v3 is detailed in this document.

For information about interacting with the API via Websocket, click here.

For information about all the available permissions/OAuth scopes, click here.

For information about all possible error codes returned by the API, click here.

For information on filtering searches in Fuel Rats aPI v3, click here.

Available endpoints and features in Beta 1

  • Oauth
  • User Sessions / Login
  • Decals
  • Users
  • Registration
  • Rats
  • Rescues
  • Users
  • Password Reset
  • User Verification
  • Version

Beta 2 changelog

  • Compeleted Ships API
  • Completed WebSocket implementation
  • Added Jira/Confluence/Grafana SSO

Beta 3 Changelog

  • Added IRC Announcements (e.g paperwork completed)
  • Added Groups (Permissions) API

Beta 4 Changelog

  • Webhooks (e.g drill permission updates)
  • Statistics
  • Epics