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A repository to access the Fuga objectstore with Python
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Connecting to Fuga ObjectStore with Python

A collection of Python Objects to connect to the Fuga ObjectStore. It is a small wrapper around boto.

To get started, download the '' file or copy paste it in your project, install the requirements.txt and then:

from fuga_object_store import FugaObjectStore

ACCESS_KEY = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
SECRET_KEY = 'yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'

with FugaObjectStore(ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY, '<your-container-name>') as fuga:

This will list all the files in your container. You will now be able to get and delete files from your Container with:

with FugaObjectStore(ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY, '<your-container-name>') as fuga:
    # or

The 'get' method will return the binary contents of the file and encode it as a hexadecimal number, this can be embedded in a html page. With the return_hex flag to False this method will return a bytes object. There are methods for uploading and downloading files. These will need a file-like object to save or load from. For example:

with FugaObjectStore(ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY, '<your-container-name>') as fuga:
    with open("local/path/where/file-to-upload-to-objectstore", 'rb') as f:

    with open("local/path/where/file-to-download-from-objectstore", 'wb') as f:, load_from='file-to-download-from-objectstore')

FugaObjectStore class is a combination of the FugaContainer class and the FugaConnection class. The FugaContainer takes a FugaConnection-like object as its input and makes it possible to use its interface.

with FugaConnection(ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY, '<your-container-name>') as fuga:

You will also be able to use these classes without context manager this way:

container = FugaConnection(ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY)

interface = FugaContainer(container)
print(interface.list())  # Or upload and download files


Run the tests with flake8:

PYTHONPATH=. pytest && flake8 tests/
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