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Welcome to the #FujiNet wiki!


Platform Quickstart Guides

Developer Setup Documentation

User Documentation


Hardware information is available on the Official Hardware Versions page (ports, button functions, etc). Details on previous versions are available on the Prototype Board Revisions page.

Setting up a TNFS Server

One of FujiNet's core features is its ability to access Atari disk images and files from a TNFS server. We use a slightly updated version of the TNFSD server created for the Spectranet project. Please see our fork of the project to build your own:

The TNFSD code found in the project's tnfs/tnfsd directory has been built and tested with current versions of Linux and Windows (using MSYS2). It should also build on macOS and BSD derivatives, although only minimal testing has been done outside Linux and Windows.

The project has current builds of the 64-bit Linux ("tnfsd") and 64-bit Windows ("tnfsd.exe") binaries included in the tnfs/tnfsd/bin directory.

Recent builds may also be found on the FujiNet Online Firmware Page.

FujiNet has been tested accessing a TNFS server both on a local network and across the internet.

Setting up TNFS on a Raspberry Pi

Setting Up TNFS On Windows 10

Atari 8bit System Guides

Atari Programming Info

The current device ID for #FujiNet is $70. These commands affect operation of the network adapter, and are used for various functions ranging from connecting TCP sockets, to altering wireless network parameters.

Development Info

PLATFORM.IO code bring-up

The PLATFORM.IO version of the code is also ready for a wider group of testers, which combines all of the individual Arduino tests into a single firmware, and this will be the production firmware.

Board bring up for FujiNet Platform.IO code

Useful External Documentation

Links to external documents/sites that are related to #FujiNet development.

Useful External Documentation

Info For Testers