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Board bring up for FujiNet Platform.IO code

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Welcome. It's 2022 and the production version of the #FujiNet firmware is being written in Platform.IO. FujiNet is available on five platforms now: Atari 8bit, Lynx, Apple II, ADAM and Virtually (for Atari emulation on PC). Commodore 64 work is close behind, and other platforms are spinning up quickly (PC-DOC, Spectrum, Macintosh). If you want to help work on them you'll need to build or purchase some hardware to bridge to your system and then bring up the latest version of the code on your hardware. We will try to cover all the things you need to do in the following documents.

This section is now broken up into two documents:

Clearly you'll need working hardware first, unless you are working on the virtual FujiNet system for Atari 8bits. For that platform see Platform Virtual FujiNet.