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For this test, you will need

  • Atari
  • #FujiNet
  • WiFi Connection
  • added as a host slot.


  1. Power on #FujiNet
  2. Power on Atari
  3. Boot to CONFIG
  4. Ensure is in a host slot.
  5. Select
  6. Select Comms folder
  7. Select modem-programs.atr
  8. Select D1:
  9. Select R/O
  10. Verify that modem-programs.atr is mounted as R on D1:
  11. Press OPTION to boot.
  12. Wait for Directory Menu
  13. Select BTERM.COM to load BOBTerm
  14. Wait for Bobterm to load.
  15. Once BobTerm loads, and the menu is displayed, Find "Ascii" in the status bar.
  16. Press A until Atari appears in place of Ascii. This ensures ATASCII translation is used.
  17. Press RETURN to enter Terminal mode
  18. Type AT RETURN (keypresses should echo)
  19. #FujiNet should respond OK
  20. Type AT? RETURN
  21. #FujiNet should respond with help text.
  22. Power off. Test done.

Expected Result

  • #FujiNet should be able to effortlessly respond to commands in either ATASCII or ASCII modes.