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Tetris like sample game applications written in C#/WPF/.NET, C#/Windows Forms/.NET, C#/Console Applicaion/.NET and TypeScript/HTML.

These were written for Hokuriku ComCamp 2016 powerd by MVPs.
Here is an article about this (Japanese): 「C# 大好き MVP による、C# ドキドキ・ライブコーディング!!」でテトリス的なゲームを作った。(Hokuriku ComCamp 2016 - 2月20日) (プログラミング C# - 翔ソフトウェア)

You can study following through this sample

  • How to separate model from view.
  • How to use model in every type of application.
  • Data binding in every type of application.
  • MVVM (Model - View - ViewModel) architecture for WPF applcations.


  • FTetris.Model

    Model for C# FTetris applications.

  • FTeris.WPF

    C#/WPF/.NET version.

  • FTeris.WinForm

    C#/Windows Forms/.NET version.

  • FTeris.Console

    C#/Console Applicaion/.NET version.

  • FTeris.Matrix

    C#/Console Applicaion/.NET version (The Matrix version).

  • FTeris.Win

    Windows Forms version using WebBrowser control to host FTeris.TS.

  • FTeris.TS

    TypeScript/HTML version.



This sample is provided under MIT License.