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@Ffloriel Ffloriel released this Sep 20, 2020 · 20 commits to master since this release


Simplifying whitelist option

Whitelist started as a simple option named whitelist but grew up with the different use-cases and needs that appear with time. Another option called whitelistPatterns appeared, then whitelistPatternsChildren, …
It is now more complex and complicated, and somewhat difficult to remember how to use it with different options.

To summarize the changes, the whitelist options are now grouped in one option called safelist. And the most used options can be defined in one array.

Two forms are available. The simple form is:

safelist: ['invisibleClass', /^nav-/]

In this form, safelist is an array that can take a string or a regex.

The complex form is:

safelist: {
 standard: ['invisibleClass', /^nav-/],
 deep: [],
 greedy: [],
 keyframes: [],
 variables: []

In this form, safelist is an object taking optional properties:
standard is the same as the simple form and replaces whitelist and whitelistPatterns
deep replaces whitelistPatternsChildren
greedy is a new option coming from #424
keyframes can be used to add keyframes to the safelist, when using keyframes: true (#418)
variables can be used to add CSS variables to the safelist, when using variables: true

New Option: Blocklist

Blocklist will block the CSS selectors from appearing in the final output CSS. The selectors will be removed even when they are seen as used by PurgeCSS.

blocklist: ['usedClass', /^nav-/]

Even if nav-links and usedClass are found in your content files (HTML, Javascript), they will be removed.


PurgeCSS is using commander.js for its CLI. The recent version of commander.js introduced the possibility of making an option variadic. This means when specifying multiple option arguments, the parsed option value will be an array.
A few options are now taking advantage of this new feature: content, css, and the newly introduced option safelist and blocklist. It is no longer necessary to separate the list items with a comma.

From changelog:

  • CLI: add blocklist option (3961afb)
  • add blocklist option (04223f7)
  • add safelist option, replace whitelist
  • add safelist keyframes and css variables (dc59d30), closes #418 #439
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