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CLI example - with config file

This folder is an example on how to use the purgecss cli to remove the unused css from your project. You can create a purgecss.config.js file.
The options used in the config file are the same as purgecss.

Install CLI

npm i -g purgecss


Create a purgecss.config.js file.

module.exports = {
  content: ['index.html'],
  css: ['css/tailwind.css', 'css/app.css'],
  extractors: [
      extractor: class {
        static extract(content) {
          return content.match(/[A-z0-9-:\/]+/g) || []
      extensions: ['html', 'js']

To see the available options for the CLI: purgecss --help

purgecss --css <css> --content <content> [option]

  --con, --content  glob of content files                                [array]
  -c, --config      configuration file                                  [string]
  -o, --out         Filepath directory to write purified css files to   [string]
  -w, --whitelist   List of classes that should not be removed
                                                           [array] [default: []]
  -h, --help        Show help                                          [boolean]
  -v, --version     Show version number                                [boolean]

print the result in the console

purgecss -c purgecss.config.js

write the result css files in the specified folder

purgecss -c purgecss.config.js -o dist/css

The two files are created in dist/css: app.css and tailwind.css