Educational Raspberry Pi based robot developed for FSE 2017.
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This repository contains all material needed in order to build the RpiAutonomousCar used in Full Stack Embedded's 2017 workshops.

For more information about Full Stack Embedded, see

The hardware

The RpiAutonomousCar is a low-cost robotic car equipped with a Raspberry Pi for logical control, interfaced to two servos, an ultrasonic sensor, an LED, and an infrared sensor via a custom board. All components are mounted to a central chassis with wheels attached to each motor and an additional wheel for balancing.

The software

The software consists of drivers for each component, an abstraction for the entire robot, and three different high-level controllers. Each driver can be used individually or through the robot abstraction. The high-level controllers allow the robot to use its infrared sensor to follow a line on the ground and use the ultrasonic sensor in order to drive autonomously. An additional controller is included, which is a server-client application. The server runs on the robot and translates commands sent by the client via a TCP/IP connection into commands which control the physical robot.

Where it's been used

This project has been built by the students of Full Stack Embedded during the 2017 workshop campaign in two schools: the Accra Institute of Technology and Lome Business School.