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Automatic Detection Tool for Pseudo-Tested Methods in Python
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Function-Fiasco is an automated tool that detects pseudo-tested methods in Python programs. It can quickly enhance the effectiveness of test suites by determining if it has a high fault detection effectiveness, and Function-Fiasco indicates where a test suite might be pseudo-testing.

Key Features

  • Automatically detects pseudo-tested methods using fault injection, fuzz testing, mutation testing.
  • Provides a useful table that includes metrics that explain the true behavior of the test suite.
  • Indicates potential problem ares in test suites that developers may not have been aware of.

Installing Function-Fiasco

To install Function-Fiasco, simply use the command:

git clone

To use Function-Fiasco, The user then must clone two plugins that were made to execute in Pytest. To download these, use the commands:

git clone
git clone

Lastly, the user must execute the to install these packages. Use this command in the root directory of each plugin to finish the installation:

python3 install


To use Function-Fiasco, the user must provide the location of the root directory of the system that they would like to evaluate and the location for the source code so that the coverage can be calculated. The command:

python3 location sourceCodeLocation

is used in this order to ensure that this information is provided to Function-Fiasco. To execute Function-Fiasco, use the command:

python3 location sourceCodeLocation
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