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@fundingcircletech fundingcircletech released this Sep 10, 2019

This change was part of the project Replace Node Renderer with Clojure Renderer, tracked by #161, and merged via #197.

As stated in the headline, the Clojure renderer is now the default. Users rendering multiple diagrams (whether via --watch mode or just batch rendering) should see a significant performance improvement.

For now, users can use the old/stable/legacy Node renderer via the CLI option --tmp-renderer=stable — but this will be removed within a few weeks (#163).

Background on the improvements in the Clojure renderer can be found in #155.


  • New users can install this release via Homebrew or manually as per our setup instructions
  • NB: Users who have installed via Homebrew and wish to upgrade to this release will probably need to uninstall the fc4 formula, then run brew update, then brew install fc4.
    • Because we have changed our versioning scheme (#199)
    • For convenience: brew uninstall fc4 && brew update && brew install fc4

Feedback Please!

The FC4 team (which is basically me, @aviflax) is eager for user feedback! If you have any suggestions, questions, concerns, or problems with this release or any aspect of the framework, please create an issue and share away — we (I) tend to reply quickly. Thank you!

Additional Recent Changes

Since we haven’t done a release announcement for awhile, here are some other recent changes that are included in this release:

  • #199: Improve versioning scheme
  • #188: Change recommended installation method to Homebrew

We have merged various other changes in the past month or two that shouldn’t have a direct impact on the user experience. The full, detailed change history is always available via our list of closed Pull Requests.

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