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SublimeLinter 1.5.1 changelog
- SublimeLinter keeps its settings in its own settings file now:
SublimeLinter.sublime-settings. You will need to copy your
user settings to this file. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Select "Preferences->Settings - User" in one tab/window.
The title of this tab should be "Preferences.sublime-settings".
2. Open another tab/window and select "Preferences->Package Settings->
SublimeLinter->Settings - User". The title of this window should be
3. Copy/cut any of the following settings from Preferences.sublime-settings
to SublimeLinter.sublime-settings:
4. Save SublimeLinter.sublime-settings. The changes may not take
effect until you restart Sublime Text.
When changes are made to the user SublimeLinter settings, they
are immediately reloaded into every open view. Note that this will
override any temporary changes you may have made to the settings in
a given view.
- The google closure Javascript linter (gjslint) is now supported
There is a new setting, "javascript_linter", which determines which
linter to use, jshint or gjslinter. You may also customize gjslint
behavior with the "gjslint_options" and "gjslint_ignore" settings.
Please select "Preferences->Package Settings->SublimeLinter->Settings - Default"
for more information on these settings.
- The color theme names have been changed to avoid clashes with
built in names.
Old New
--------------------- -----------------------------
sublimelinter.<type> sublimelinter.outline.<type>
invalid.<type> sublimelinter.underline.<type>
You will have to update your color themes accordingly. Please select
"Preferences->Package Settings->SublimeLinter->README" and search
for "Customizing colors" for more information.
- When selecting an error from the popup error list, the view is centered
on the error line.
- The PHP error regex has been updated to work with PHP 5.3.8 on Mac OS X.
- The popup error list will no longer choke on non-ASCII text.
- Selecting an error from the popup error list no longer attempts to go
directly to the point of an error as this could not be done reliably.
It will jump to the first non-whitespace character of the error's line.
- Go to next/previous error works correctly when an error line has no underlines.
- If an exception is thrown by jshint (e.g. too many errors), the errors
captured up to that point are displayed.
- The built in jshint has been updated from the master jshint.
- Fixed errors that would occur with the popup error list when there was
more than error on a line.
SublimeLinter 1.5.2 changelog
- Fixed a problem with messages.json that prevented correct upgrading.
Please check to see if you have multiple listings for `SublimeLinter` in
`Preferences -> Package Settings`. If you do see 2 listings, please run
`Package Control: Upgrade/Overwrite All Packages` from the Command Palette
(`Tools -> Command Palette`).
SublimeLinter 1.5.3 changelog
- Annotations have been fixed.
- Entries in "sublimelinter_syntax_map" take precedence over built in mappings.
- Lint errors in PHP files will hopefully not be logged to the PHP log file.
SublimeLinter 1.5.4 changelog
- jshint.js has been updated to the latest master version.
- [issue #128] An "unsafe" option has been added to jshint. If set true,
any UTF-8 characters are allowed in the source.
SublimeLinter 1.5.5 changelog
- This change log is available from the SublimeLinter preferences menu.
SublimeLinter 1.5.6 changelog
- Fixed a problem with messages.json that prevented correct upgrading.
Please check to see if you have multiple listings for `SublimeLinter` in
`Preferences -> Package Settings`. If you do see 2 listings, please run
`Package Control: Upgrade/Overwrite All Packages` from the Command Palette
(`Tools -> Command Palette`).
SublimeLinter 1.5.7 changelog
- node.js is the preferred Javascript engine on Mac OS X and will be used if it is installed.
JavaScriptCore does not handle non-ASCII text correctly and you should install node.js
if possible.
- If you imported BaseLinter.JSC_PATH, please change your linter to use the self.jsc_path()
method instead. JSC_PATH should no longer be considered public.
SublimeLinter 1.6.0 changelog
- Simpler abstraction of Javascript engines for JS powered linters.
To leverage a JS linter, include a "linter.js" file; this file should
`require` the actual linter library file and export a `lint` function.
The `lint` function should return a list of errors back to the python
language handler file (via the `errors` parameter to the `parse_errors`
Although "linter.js" should follow the Node.js api, the linter may also
be run via JavaScriptCore on OS X if Node.js is not installed. In the case
where JavaScriptCore is used, require + export are shimmed to keep things
consistent. However, it is important not to assume that a full Node.js
api is available. If you must know what JS engine you are using, you may
check for `USING_JSC` to be set as `true` when JavaScriptCore is used.
For examples of using the JS engines, see "csslint", "jslint", and
"jshint" in "SublimeLinter/sublimelinter/modules/libs" and the respective
python code of "" and "" in
- Douglas Crockford's JSLint Javascript linter (jslint) is now supported
( To use JSLint set the "javascript_linter" setting
to "jslint". You may also customize jslint behavior with the
"jslint_options" setting. For more information about options available
to JSLint, see
- The CSSLint CSS linter (csslint) is now supported (
By default all CSSLint settings are turned on. You may customize csslint
behavior with the "csslint_options" setting. Please select
"Preferences->Package Settings->SublimeLinter->Settings - Default"
for more information on turning off or adjusting severity of tests.
For more information about options available to CSSLint, see
SublimeLinter 1.6.1 changelog
- Fixed an issue (#141) with JSLint running in Node.js
- Updated CSSLint, JSLint, JSHint to latest stable releases.
- Added additional debugging output (in Sublime console) when
errors occur running linters written in Javascript.
SublimeLinter 1.6.2 changelog
- Replaced the default perl linter with Perl::Critic. The standard Perl syntax checker
can still be invoked by switching the "perl_linter" setting to "perl".
- Added a LICENSE file to define appropriate usage of SublimeLinter and its source.
- Converted README back to markdown.
Due to a vulnerability (issue #77) with the Perl linter, Perl syntax checking is no longer
enabled by default. The default linter for Perl has been replaced by Perl::Critic.
SublimeLinter 1.6.3 changelog
- Support for `.jshintrc` files. If using JSHint, SublimeLinter
will recursively search the directory tree (from the file location
to the file-system root directory). This functionality is
specified in the JSHint README.
- Fixed README reference in the menu.
- Updated CoffeeScript module to be compatible with the updated
coffee command in version 1.3.
If you are using the CoffeeScript linting, please upgrade
the installed coffee-script NPM module to 1.3 or greater.
npm update -g coffee-script
SublimeLinter 1.6.4 changelog
Please note that the SublimeLinter repository has moved to:
Issues and pull requests should be made there.
- The Objective-J linter now catches spaces inside parentheses
and dependent clauses on the same line as a control structure.
- The README has been reorganized to hopefully be clearer.
- More explicit Node.js installation instructions have been provided.
- The "pep8" setting is now recognized in SublimeLinter's settings.
- When a minimum delay is specified with the "sublimelinter_delay" setting,
SublimeLinter will only lint the currently displayed file when the
queued linters run. This allows you to avoid linting of files as they
are selected in the choose file palette.
SublimeLinter 1.6.5 changelog
- Added a (Ruby) Haml linter based on `haml -c`. For more information about
Haml, please see
- Added a simple Git commit message linter. This linter follows the rules as
defined by
- Updated several links to point to the SublimeLinter's new Github location.
- "Ruby on Rails" syntax maps to "ruby" as part of the default settings.
- Linter arguments are now consistently defined as arrays (instead of tuples).
- Syntax map settings are no longer (sometimes) case-sensitive.
SublimeLinter 1.6.6 changelog
- JSHint now shows underlines at the appropriate character positions when
using tabs for indentation.
- Upgrading CSSLint to the latest version (v0.9.8). This adds support for the
latest "Compatibility" options: "Disallow star hack" and "Disallow
underscore hack".
- Annotation highlighting is working again.
- Git Commit Message linting now ignores `git --diff` output in messages.
These lines are automatically generated and inserted when running
`git commit -v`.
SublimeLinter 1.6.7 changelog
- Puppet linting is now supported via `puppet parser validate`.
- Added an option for more granular control of outline decorations. Set the
value of "sublimelinter_mark_style" to "outline", "fill", or "none" in
the user settings.
- Repaired the built-in CSS linter (CSSLint). This was broken with with the
last update.
- Added missing documentation for "save-only" linting in the settings file.
- Adjusted ambiguous/misleading documentation for the
"sublimelinter_executable_map" setting.
SublimeLinter 1.6.8 changelog
- HTML5 linting support via `tidy`. This linter will not run unless you have
a version of tidy with HTML5 support. To use this linter, please see:
- XML linting via `xmllint`.
- Made significant progress on issue (#181). However, SublimeLinter still
throws with some linter types on Windows 7 when a user has non-ascii
characters in the path (to the SL plugin).
- Updated PEP8 to v1.1
- Updated Pyflakes to v0.5.0
- Updated JSHint to latest stable (r11).
- Reverted a fix for accurate (JSHint) error column positions (when using tab
indentation) due to a regression with the `"white": true` option. You may
still manually fix error positions by setting `"indent": 1`.
- Changed (the default) background linting delay to a more sane 2 seconds.
This reduces memory usage, cpu processing, and visual noise while you are
actively writing code.