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    Objective-C 1 2,187


    forked from facebook/facebook-ios-sdk

    Facebook SDK for iOS

    Updated Sep 9, 2011

    Objective-C 4 1


    Go through emails stored in Apple's, printing out email addresses that match certain rules. Useless to everyone else without modification, use it as example code on how to interact with an Apple app using Python via the Mac OS X 10.5/10.6 Scripting Bridge.

    Updated Sep 4, 2009

    Python 2 0


    Quick and very dirty Python 3 script to download files linked to on a webpage. Includes provisions to handle downloading only during certain times of the day, skipping header links, naive translation of escapes.

    Updated Jul 22, 2009

    Python 1 0


    Dirty Python scripts that exports all the tweets for an account to plain text. Requires twyt-0.9.3 and simplejson.

    Updated Jul 9, 2009

    Python 1 0


    IRC bot that was on #macsb on Freenode for awhile, that returned the real names of Mac developers by looking up their nicks from the now-defunct MacSB wiki.

    Updated Jul 9, 2009

    Python 1 0


    Extremely dirty script meant for downloading thumbnails from, so you can find race pictures of yourself that are untagged.

    Updated Jul 9, 2009

    Python 1 0


    Go game analyser - currently downloads a user's KGS game records from the KGS archives.

    Updated Mar 3, 2009

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