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In Heat

(Deprecated with the release of Overwatch 2, see Underwatch for a similar OW2-compatible mod)

A windows application to control sex toys based on the user's performance in Overwatch (On-fire Meter)

Here's a list of suported devices (only vibrating or linear toys will work for now):


  • This application is not a cheat nor does it inject any code into Overwatch, but Blizzard's End User Licence Agreement is vague, so I can't guarantee you won't be banned. Use In Heat at your own risk.
  • Remember to always play safe, sane and consensual. Please, do not drag unsuspecting players into your play.

Making It Run

Video Tutorial:

  • Dowload and install Intiface Desktop.
  • Download a release(.zip file) of In Heat and extract it to a folder.
  • Open Intiface Desktop and start the server, the computer icon on the top right should turn green.
  • Turn on (Bluetooth) or connect (USB) your devices.
  • Open the InHeat executable inside the folder and click connect. Intiface's phone icon should turn green and a list of connected devices should appear.
  • Open the game and test it. You can easily do so by creating a game with bots (Play > Game Browser > Create > Add IA).

Bugs And Observations

  • The game/image must be open in your main screen (in case you have more than one monitor).
  • The game must be running in borderless mode for the overlay to work.
  • Only tested on 1920x1080 screen/game resolution, let me know if it works on a different resolution.
  • Only tested on the game's default color scheme, if you want to use a colorblind color scheme please let me know.
  • In Heat only works with devices that vibrate or stroke.
  • If you want to use XInput devices (gamepads) as vibrators you'll have to follow this workaround to disable the game's control over the gamepads.


If you want to make a comment or need suport, feel free to go to my discord server.

How It Works

Controling Devices

In Heat uses the Buttplug library. Buttplug is an open-source standards and software project for controlling intimate hardware, including sex toys, fucking machines, and more.

Tracking The On-fire Meter

In Heat uses Emgu CV, a C# image processing library, to locate the brightest cyan spot on the bar area, and calculate the distance from the capture box origin;


An application that controls sex toys based on the user's performance in Overwatch (On-fire Meter)







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