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Microsoft certification exam topics to JSON
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Microsoft Certification Exam Parser

This is my first Python program. The code might not be the best.

Outputs the topics of a Microsoft certification exam into a JSON file. (The Skills measured section in the exam's webpage)

List of all Microsoft Certification Exams


Excerpt from the output for the Python exam:

        "label": "Perform Operations using Data Types and Operators (20-25%)",
        "skills": [
                "label": "Perform data and data type operations",
                "items": [
                    "Convert from one data type to another type",
                    "Construct data structures",
                    "Perform indexing and slicing operations"
            // other skills
    // other syllabuses

Usage 98-381 70-483 98-361

Clearing the cache: (deletes the out/ directory) --clear
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