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Microsoft certification exam syllabus in JSON
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Microsoft Certification Exams in JSON

JSON files were automatically generated using ms-cert-exam-parser.

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I track my study progress on a few exams on Trello. By having the data in JSON, you can transfer it more easily than copy-pasting. The simplest example is to create a task list in Markdown. Or you can go bigger and use Trello's API to create a board per each exam using the JSON data. (or GitHub's API to create issues and lists... use whatever service you'd like)

JSON Structure

Excerpt output from the Python exam 98-381.

        "label": "Perform Operations using Data Types and Operators (20-25%)",
        "skills": [
                "label": "Perform data and data type operations",
                "items": [
                    "Convert from one data type to another type",
                    "Construct data structures",
                    "Perform indexing and slicing operations"
            // other skills
    // other syllabuses
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