Command line program for modifying apk files
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Apk changer is a command line program for modifying apk files. It`s similar to apk manager, but have more options.

 - Normal and Advanced Mode.
 - Multicore support(much faster than other tools in batch operations and image optimization)
 - Decompile/Compile selected part of apk files.(Batch mode supported, framework dependent decompiling supported too)
 - Optimize pngs inside apk files(including .9.pngs).(Batch mode supported)
 - Zipalign apk files
 - Sign apk files(Batch mode supported)
 - Recompress apk
 - Protect Apk resources
 - Dex to java decompilation
 - Adb logcat with logcat options(via WiFi or usb cable)
 - Four versions of apktool(1.4.3, 1.5.3, 2.3.2, latest development)-if error occurs while decompiling program will try to use alternative version and will compile your apk with version that was used for decompilation
 - Four languages at the moment(Russian, English, Dutch, Deutch) - if you want to translate program into other language just let me know
 - Settings (Compression level, Heap size, optimization level, apktool version, smali version, language...).
 - Error detection. If error occured, program reports about it.
 - Logs (For batch Decompilation/Compilation program creates two logs. First is full and second shows only with what apks occured errors).
 - Decompile/Compile jar files(framework files)
 - All stuff i forgot