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Furqan Software

A software company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  1. bullet Public

    Bullet is a fast and flexible application deploy tool built by Furqan Software.

    Go 7 3

  2. node-whois Public

    A simple WHOIS client for NodeJS

    CoffeeScript 202 60

  3. redsync Public

    Forked from go-redsync/redsync

    Distributed mutual exclusion lock using Redis for Go

    Go 1

  4. papyrus Public

    A real-time collaborative Markdown editor and document repository with simple organization and project-based management

    Go 46 6

  5. too Public

    Simple recommendation engine implementation built on top of Redis

    Go 110 11

  6. Language Server integration for CodeMirror 6

    TypeScript 56 12


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