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This Project Is Abandoned. I will no longer add features or fix bugs.

No, I will not provide an alternative. Do not ask me.

E621 Downloader

Electron Builder

A program to help with bulk downloading images from e621.

Head over to our release page to download it. You can report bugs, or ask for features in our Discord server. You can also visit our website here

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows (exe)
  • Debian (deb)
  • Ubuntu (snap) (planned)
  • RedHat (rpm)
  • MacOS (dmg)


  • switch to e621downloader.js
  • Reset "active" button
  • Specific message when zero posts are returned
  • branch out to more services, like FurAffinity and InkBunny
  • Save the md5 of images to check for duplicates across different tag sets
  • Incorporate a duplicate image checker that can be ran with a button
  • Refresh previously downloaded tags button
  • Save cache frequently incase of network issues (every 10 posts or so)

Known Bugs

  • Fix Windows not working
  • Fix cache parsing issue
  • Fix download progress bar going in reverse (??) when you run a second run after one finished (it seems like it has some issues resetting the progress bar)
  • Fix on-application progress bar (it apparently broke?)