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Cenotaph - A Dead Man's chest plugin for Bukkit
Save your players' inventory from disappearing when they die.

Download (Direct JAR):

If the player is carrying a chest when they die, place that chest and fill it with as much of their inventory as possible
If the player is allowed, and is carrying two chests, a large chest will spawn to catch all of their inventory
Possible for specific groups/players to be given free chests with no need to carry one with them
Any items that won't fit in the chest will still drop to the ground!
Supports the Permissions plugin, will default to allowing everyone to use basic tombstone if not available
Supports LWC for chest AND sign protection if it is installed
Configurable timeout for LWC unprotection
Configurable timeout for destruction of tombstones, works in unloaded chunks as well
Quickloot support, right click the sign on a tombstone to loot all items in it (Your tombstone only!)
Place a sign on top of the chest stating the players name and time of death
The ability to point your compass at your tombstones! (Broken in 1.4)
Configurable messages on Cenotaph signs
Admin commands for management

cenotaph.use - Allow the player/group to use the cenotaph mod
cenotaph.freechest - Allow the player to get a chest whether they are carrying a chest or not
cenotaph.large - Allow the player to spawn a large chest if carrying two chests and if one will fit
cenotaph.lwc - Protect the placed chest if LWC is enabled
cenotaph.lockette - Protect the placed chest if Lockette is enabled
cenotaph.sign - Whether the player gets a sign on their cenotaph chest
cenotaph.freesign - Allow the player to get a free sign whether they are carrying one or not.
cenotaph.quickloot - Whether to allow a player/group to quickloot by right clicking the cenotaph sign.

cenotaph.cmd.cenotaphlist - Allow this user to use /cenlist
cenotaph.cmd.cenotaphfind - Allow this user to use /cenfind
cenotaph.cmd.cenotaphtime - Allow this user to use /centime
cenotaph.cmd.cenotaphreset - Allow this user to use /cenreset

cenotaph.admin - Allow this user to physically destroy others' cenotaphs. Also a prerequisite for use of the other admin commands
cenotaph.admin.list - Allow this user to see all cenotaphs with /cenadmin list
cenotaph.admin.find - Allow this user to find any cenotaph with /cenadmin find
cenotaph.admin.time - Allow this user to check the time left on any cenotaph with /cenadmin time
cenotaph.admin.remove - Allow this user to destroy any cenotaph with /cenadmin remove
cenotaph.admin.reload - Allow this user to reload Cenotaph's configuration from config.yml

User commands:
      Lists your current cenotaphs with index numbers for the other commands.
  /cenfind <index>
     Gives more information about a specific cenotaph and sets your compass to point at it.
  /centime <index>
      Description: Tells how much time is left before a specific cenotaph unlocks or breaks
      Sets your compass to point to your spawn again after using /cenfind

Admin commands:
  /cenadmin list
      Displays all players with cenotaphs.
  /cenadmin list <player>
      Displays all cenotaphs for a player with indexes.
  /cenadmin find <player> <index>
      Displays additional information about a specific cenotaph (does not set compass like the user version does).
  /cenadmin time <player> <index>
      Gives time information about the indicated cenotaph.
  /cenadmin remove <player> <index>
      Destroys the indicated cenotaph, dropping its contents on the ground.
  /cenadmin version
      Displays the current version of this plugin and checks for a new version

See default config file for options and instructions.

Drakia: Cenotaph was originally Tombstone, by Drakia (TheDgtl). Many thanks to him for his hard work on the original plugin. You can access his Github repository here:
Acru: Thanks to Acru, the developer of Lockette, as well. His help getting the Lockette integration working as I stumbled by way though picking up Java was invaluable. :)

[Version 2.0]
  - Updated listeners to new Bukkit API
  - Updated config to new Bukkit API
  - Removed support for Nijikokun's old Permissions plugin
  - Updated to latest LWC API
  - Added cenadmin reload command
[Version 1.6.6]
  - Fixed NullPointerException when using defaults for deathMessages instead of the values in the config file
  - Added config check to /cenadmin version
  - Fixed bug with break messages always displaying at original timeout when quicklooted
[Version 1.6.5]
  - Fixed a few additional bugs
  - Fixed load error with Spout under CB1060
[Version 1.6.4]
  - Add Bukkit Superperms
  - Remove deprecated Bukkit method getFace()
  - Merging some of Drakia's recent Tombstone fixes
    - Fix clearing of player's cenotaph list on quickloot
    - Fix LWC API error
[Version 1.6.3]
  - Customizable death messages for signs
  - Customizable time and date formats for signs 
[Version 1.6.2]
  - Option to remove cenotaphs once they are empty, regardless of other settings
  - Option to keep cenotaphs UNTIL they are empty, regardless of other settings
  - Fixed bug allowing players to break into Lockette-protected cenotaphs
[Version 1.6.1]
  - Security config has been generalized (config.yml update)
  - Lockette signs will now respond to the new securityTimeout (formerly lwcTimeout) config 
  - New command: centime
[Version 1.6.0]
  - Updated for Craftbukkit RB1000
  - Fixed customizable signs
  - Added admin commands
[Version 1.5.4]
  - Customizable signs (Thanks to Drakia for his death cause code)
[Version 1.5.3]
  - Build against Craftbukkit RB953
  - Build against LWC 3.3
  - Build against Permissions 3
  - Re-enable compass integration (Thanks, Zarius!)
[Version 1.5.2]
  - Fix bug causing Cenotaph to throw an error on enable if the folder containing config.yml did not exist
  - Fix bug where the Void check was only working if the player died in the Void above the world and not below 
[Version 1.5.1]
  - Fix bug allowing a free sign if Lockette sign was broken off a chest
[Version 1.5.0]
  - Fix config file handling - no more needless file overwrites
  - Gracefully handle missing or invalid config files by downloading a fresh commented copy
  - Create config file versioning system to avoid errors with updates
[Version 1.4.4]
  - Added config version check
  - Final 1.4 release
[Version 1.4.3]
  - Basic protection against creeper explosions, disabled by default
[Version 1.4.2]
  - Option to disable the void check for servers that have other plugins to handle it
  - Minor code changes
[Version 1.4.1]
  - Now checks for updates on server startup
[Version 1.4.0]
  - Do not attempt to create chests in the Void
[Version 1.3.2]
  - Config changes
  - First public release
[Version 1.3.1]
  - Added Lockette support
[Version 1.3.0]
  - Converted from Tombstone to Cenotaph

 Config file changes
12: Add DeathMessages plus dateFormat and timeFormat 
11: Add removeWhenEmpty and keepUntilEmpty
10: Security config generalized
9: Customizable signs added
8: <buggy, cancelled release>
7: configVer added
6: creeperProtect added
5: voidCheck added
4: versoinCheck added
3: Convert to a hierarchical YML arrangement for readability
2: Lockette added
1: Converted from Tombstone to Cenotaph 

 Drakia's original Tombstone changelog
[Version 1.2.9]
  - Fixed free double chests
  - Made freechest/freesign default to isOp() without permissions
[Version 1.2.8]
  - Added logEvent option for debug purposes.
  - Do a 3x3 check for a block to place chest.
[Version 1.2.7]
  - Check properly if we're placing a big chest for interference
[Version 1.2.6]
  - Fix long username crash
[Version 1.2.5]
  - Option to bail on tombstone creation if it will interfere with another chest.
  - Check tombstone stuff more often (Every 100 ticks (5 seconds))
[Version 1.2.4]
  - Fixed sign drop bug when destroying with timeout.
[Version 1.2.3]
  - Fixed a bug in /tombfind with invalid input
[Version 1.2.2]
  - Moved playerInteract to Highest priority since we remove a block.
  - Added check to make sure the tombstone is a chest before we doing anything.
  - Other general checks
[Version 1.2.1]
  - Made /tombfind command atleast somewhat useful.
[Version 1.2.0]
  - Added compass commands.
[Version 1.1.8]
  - Right-clicking a chest will quickloot/destroy if you have noDestroy/destroyQuickLoot enabled
[Version 1.1.7]
  - Fixed quicklooting in b670
[Version 1.1.6]
  - Fixed some owner comparisons.
[Version 1.1.5]
  - Moved setting "plugin" to onEnable
  - Moved setLine() outside of scheduler
[Version 1.1.4]
  - Small fix to LWC checking
[Version 1.1.3]
  - Added tombstone.admin permission
[Version 1.1.2]
  - Fixed loading tombstone list after server restart
  - Check if use is online before sending tombstone messages
[Version 1.1.1]
  - Updated to latest RB
[Version 1.1.0]
  - Changed versioning scheme
  - Changed loading of permissions/LWC
[Version 1.09]
  - Changed how I do sign updating
  - Split into LWC1/LWC2 versions.
[Version 1.08]
  - Configurable tombstone list storage
  - Allow LWC to be set to Public instead of disabled
  - Allow destroy on quickloot
  - Allow tombstones to be "invincible" besides quickloot
[Version 1.07]
  - Fixed a bug in which protected chests could be destroyed.
  - Messages to players can be turned off.
[Version 1.06]
  - The change to stop duping screwed up my plugin. Fixed.
  - Sadly, armor is now no longer retrieved first, and I can't fix it.
[Version 1.05]
  - Recompiled against latest RB to fix ItemStack.equals
[Version 1.04]
  - Small permissions handling update
  - Inform player if we run into a casting problem.
[Version 1.03]
  - Core GM support removed, depends on FakePermissions if you use GM.
[Version 1.02]
  - Permissions 2.0/2.1 support
  - GroupManager support
[Version 1.01]
  - Fixed an NPE when destroying chests
[Version 1.00]
  - Added ability to remove chests without needing LWC
  - LWC and remove thread are now a sync task
  - Right-click sign to quickloot. Permission added.
  - Better Permissions handling
  - LWC protects sign
  - Only create a large chest if needed
  - Deactivate LWC protection when sign or chest is destroyed
[Version 0.06]
  - Implemented tombstone signs
  - Changed message if LWC is enabled to say how long before unprotect/destruction
  - lwcTime of 0 now indicates that LWC protection never expires
[Version 0.05]
  - Added config file
  - Implemented chest removal
  - Configurable timeout
  - Toggle LWC usage via config
[Version 0.04]
  - Added LWC timeout
[Version 0.03]
  - Added LWC support
  - Made Permissions optional instead of required. Default without Permissions is allow all to use
[Version 0.02]
  - Initial Public Release