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Nintendo Switch GUI Amiibo Manager homebrew for emulation with emuiibo (nfp mitm)

How to use

  • Download and setup emuiibo on your Switch. Once all your bin files have been placed in the emuiibo folder and that you rebooted your console, you should see that they have been replaced with folders of the same name and files inside (including the amiibo.bin file), keep that in mind.
  • Download AmiiSwap and place the switch folder inside the zip file at the root of your sd card.
  • The folder at sdmc:/switch/AmiiSwap contains a settings.txt file, it's an example file and you need to edit it to fit your amiibos and needs. There's a section below explaining how to set it up.
  • Launch AmiiSwap, select a game/category you created in the settings file -> select the amiibo you want -> press A -> Confirm
  • Enjoy

You can change amiibos whenever you want by just going back into AmiiSwap and selecting another amiibo.

How to setup the settings file

The settings.txt should be place in sdmc/switch/AmiiSwap, the format is really simple. This file allows you to "create" categories of amiibos, you can choose to organize them by anything (game name, category ect.). For the sake of this guide we'll use game names to organize amiibos

Here's an example settings file:

[Mario Kart 8]
Captain Falcon
Donkey Kong
[Zelda BOTW]
20 Heart Wolf Link

And here is how the emuiibo folder is set

Your game names should be between brackets (you can set it to anything), example: [Super Smash Bros]. After that, create a new line for each amiibos (with their name) you have and want to put in that game. The amiibo name should be the name of the folders created by emuiibo. You can add another game by simply doing these 2 steps again

How to navigate

  • Use the dpad or the left stick to navigate menus, right stick to navigate faster.
  • Use A to select
  • Use B to go back to the main menu


  • Use the github issues to report problems/bugs OR
  • Join the discord server for support, news/announcements before anyone, be a tester or just talk.


Main menu showing the games:

Amiibo list for the selected game:

Confirmation dialog:


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