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This program can edit and render BFLYT files commonly used for layouts in Switch interfaces and games. It enables you to easily create/edit themes. As this is a work in progress, builds may get outdated quickly, you should check this page often.

Usage / Wiki

Just launch the exe and open a SZS/BFLYT file.
BFLYT files are commonly found in SZS archives, when opening a SZS file you can double click on the files in the list to edit them (if they're supported).
For a more in depth guide, click here to go to the wiki.


  • Layout loading, editing and saving
  • Rendering the bounding boxes of the components
  • SZS editing
  • Drag and drop
  • Simultaneous file editing
  • Import/Export JSON patch (Compatible with Switch themes)


This is using the original from the Switch's home menu:

Example of a custom layout:


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