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Database bundle

This bundle defines the JPA entity classes as well as the JPA persistence unit.

Persistence unit

The persistence unit is defined in the src/main/resources/META-INF/persistence.xml file. Inside Fuse ESB Enterprise, Aries JPA is responsible for configuring and activating this persistence unit. In order for it to find out about the persistence unit, an extra MANIFEST.MF header called Meta-Persistence has to be added.

Checking the OSGi Service Registry

Once the persistence unit has been created, Aries JPA will also ensure that the corresponding javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory is exported into the OSGi Service Registry. We can use the Fuse ESB Enterprise console to verify that this is actually the case.

First, find the bundle id for the bundle called "Fuse By Example :: Transactions :: Database" by using the osgi:list command. You can use grep to filter the list of bundles and quickly find the right one.

FuseESB:karaf@root> osgi:list | grep Transactions
[ 268] [Active     ] [Created     ] [       ] [   60] Fuse By Example :: Transactions :: Datasource (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
[ 269] [Active     ] [            ] [       ] [   60] Fuse By Example :: Transactions :: Database (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
[ 270] [Active     ] [            ] [Started] [   60] Fuse By Example :: Transactions :: Routing (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)

In this example, the bundle id is 269. Using the osgi:ls command, you can see the javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory listed as a service.

FuseESB:karaf@root> osgi:ls 269

Fuse By Example :: Transactions :: Database (269) provides:
objectClass = javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory
org.apache.aries.jpa.container.managed = true = false = datasourceExample
osgi.unit.provider = org.apache.openjpa.persistence.PersistenceProviderImpl
osgi.unit.version = 1.0.0.SNAPSHOT = 418
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