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MQ-Fabric Client Example :: Camel Producer

This project shows how to connect to JBoss A-MQ message brokers running in Fuse Fabric from a Camel client running outside of Fuse Fabric (i.e. when the JMS client is not running within a Fabric-enabled JBoss Fuse ESB container).

Building the example

To build the example, execute the command:

> mvn clean install

Running the example

Assumes you have setup a fabric-based network of brokers per the instructions in

After the consumer is running, run this command:

> mvn camel:run

You should see console messages that show the producer connected using the URL


After the example is up and running and you see JMS messages being logged to the producer's console, kill the master broker on the east. You can use the cluster-list command in the karaf to find out which container is currently the master. For example:

JBossA-MQ:karaf@root> cluster-list 
[cluster]                      [masters]                      [slaves]                       [services]
   amq-east-profile           AMQ-East2                     AMQ-East1                     tcp://chirino-retina.chirino:62184
   amq-west-profile           AMQ-West2                     AMQ-West1                     tcp://chirino-retina.chirino:62215

You can stop the master east container using FMC, or kill the container's process in the OS) and watch the producer failover, reconnect and resume sending messages, with console output like this:

Sending to destination: queue://fabric.simple this text: 23. message sent
Sending to destination: queue://fabric.simple this text: 24. message sent
Sending to destination: queue://fabric.simple this text: 25. message sent
WARN  Transport (tcp:// failed, reason:, attempting to automatically reconnect
Adding new broker connection URL: tcp://mbrooks1.local:51805
Successfully reconnected to tcp://mbrooks1.local:51805
Sending to destination: queue://fabric.simple this text: 26. message sent
Sending to destination: queue://fabric.simple this text: 27. message sent

Deploying the example in JBoss Fuse

In the JBoss Fuse console where you initially created the fabric, run the following commands to create a example-camel-producer profile, and deploy it to a Producer container.

fabric:profile-create --parents feature-camel example-camel-producer
fabric:profile-edit --repositories mvn:org.apache.activemq/activemq-karaf/\${version:activemq}/xml/features example-camel-producer
fabric:profile-edit --features mq-fabric-camel example-camel-producer
fabric:profile-edit --bundles example-camel-producer
fabric:container-create-child --profile example-camel-producer root Producer
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