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What is this?

This is the RootTools' project repository on GitHub.

Now, if you wish to collaborate or just follow the project, you can do so using this repository, if you are a Git fan, or you can also check the Google Code one if you prefer SVN.

What is RootTools?

Here is what Stericson originally posted about RootTools:

RootTools provides rooted developers a standardized set of tools for use in the development of rooted applications. In the end, we will accomplish this by providing developers with robust, easy-to-use libraries that will drastically improve development times as well as promote code reuse. This project is open to any proven developer that feels they have something to contribute. By pitching in together we can streamline our own processes, improve the effectiveness of our apps, learn new techniques, and provide a better experience for our users.

To sum it up: We all win.

What's the flow here?

Here is what we envision: the Developmental branch will need to be kept updated as either repository receives new check-ins. Similarly, the Stable branch will need to be integrated with the new code from the Developmental branch.

The Stable branch is currently made available on Google Code only so that, if you are not interested in contributing or curious about the code, you have one canonical place where to get the latest release of RootTools.

Stericson and I (aka CyanSmoker) will keep the updates flowing between Github and SVN so that both repositories are always up-to-date.

Can I contribute?

Actions speak louder than words! Contributions are welcome and Git sure makes it easy on us. If you wish to contribute code, simply fork this repository, make your changes then, from your own repository, click the Pull Request button and I will take care of the rest.

Thanks for your help!


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