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FusionAuth Node.js Client

semver 2.0.0 compliant npm

Deprecation Warning

This repository has been deprecated in favor of the fusionauth-typescript-client. You can just change your dependency and should have no problems using it with node as the package is still javascript but with additional type information. If you run into problems then let us know over there.

We will continue to publish this package for several more versions before we archive it and fully deprecate its use. Please make arrangements to migrate to the typescript client soon.


If you're integrating FusionAuth with a Node application, this library will speed up your development time.

For additional information and documentation on FusionAuth refer to

Installation To install fusionauth-node-client, use npm

npm install @fusionauth/node-client

Refer to the FusionAuth API documentation to for request and response formats.

Upgrade Policy

This library is built automatically to keep track of the FusionAuth API, and may also receive updates with bug fixes, security patches, tests, code samples, or documentation changes.

These releases may also update dependencies, language engines, and operating systems, as we'll follow the deprecation and sunsetting policies of the underlying technologies that it uses.

This means that after a dependency (e.g. language, framework, or operating system) is deprecated by its maintainer, this library will also be deprecated by us, and will eventually be updated to use a newer version.