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Future Hack 2017 application

Welcome to the Future Hack 2017 Application powered by McKinsey & Company in partnership with Facebook and Generation

What is Future Hack?

Future Hack is a hackathon organised by Digital McKinsey in partnership with Facebook for Developers and Generation. The aim of this hackathon is to get final year undergraduate / postgraduate South African students and professionals with less than 2 years of experience thinking about ways in which they can play a role in solving societal problems using technology.

How will Future Hack work?

In pure hackathon fashion, Future Hack will take place over a weekend of non-stop learning, problem solving and 'hacking' in Johannesburg on the 13 - 15th October 2017. Participants will spend the weekend in teams using their innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to build a digital solution to a problem currently faced by Generation - a global social enterprise aimed at eradicating youth unemployment.

The team with the winning solution will be awarded an all expense paid trip to the Facebook F8 conference 2018 hosted in Silicon Valley.

How do I apply for Future Hack?

In order to be invited to Future Hack you will have to complete the Future Hack problem solving, coding challenge and application form. Please complete the following three steps in the order they are presented.

1. Problem solving challenge

  • Identify a societal problem in South Africa (e.g quality of education, crime, health etc.) and how you would solve this problem with the use of technology.
  • Describe this problem and solution in no more than 100 words.
  • Your description of this problem and solution will be submitted in Section 3 of this application process, for now you may save this in a READ-ME file.
  • Ensure that the solution you come up with is in the form of a software or hardware product.
  • The significance of the problem as well as the impact and innovation of your solution will be crucial in our evaluation of your application for the hackathon.
  • Please note that this is a vital element to determine success in the application form so please be articulate in describing your solution to the problem you've chosen.

2. Coding challenge

  • Build a single page website that advertises the solution you proposed in the problem solving challenge above.
  • Ensure that your website describes the problem you identified and how the solution you proposed would solve it.
  • Note that the visual design and functionality of the website will be crucial in our evaluation of your application for the hackathon.
  • This website can only be built using HTML and CSS. You may also use vanilla Javascript OR JavaScript frameworks such as React JS.
  • You can use UI design toolkits such as Bootstrap, as well boilerplates such as Skeleton for your project - this is free.
  • Store your codebase on your own public GitHub repository - this is free.
  • Host your application using Github Pages so that we can view it live - this is free.
  • We are super excited to see your cool MVP :)

Now that you're done with the Problem Solving and Coding Challenges, please share your solution with us by completing the Application form below.

3. Application form

  • Complete the Future Hack application form only once you have completed the Future Hack coding challanges above.


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