scripts for automating QCTools actions
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scripts for automating QCTools actions | find frames that are beyond thresholds for saturation, luma, etc | make a qctools.xml.gz report for input video file

You can run a single tag against a supplied value from the CLI or run multiple tags against values set in the qct-parse_config.txt file.


-h, --help | show this help message and exit

-i, --input | the path to the input qctools.xml.gz file

-t, --tagname | the tag name you want to test, e.g. SATMAX

-o, --over | the threshold overage number

-u, --under | the threshold under number

-p, --profile | compare frame data aginst tag values from config.txt file, us "-p default" for values from QCTools docs

-buff, --buffSize | Size of the circular buffer. if user enters an even number it'll default to the next largest number to make it odd, default size 11

-te, --thumbExport | export thumbnails on/ off, default off

-ted, --thumbExportDelay | minimum frames between exported thumbs, default 9000

-tep, --thumbExportPath | Path to thumb export. if ommitted, uses the input base-path

-ds, --durationStart | the duration in seconds to start analysis (ffmpeg equivalent -ss)

-de, --durationEnd | the duration in seconds to stop analysis (ffmpeg equivalent -t)

-bd, --barsDetection | bar detection on/ off, default off

-pr, --print | print over/under frame data to console window, default off

-q, --quiet | print ffmpeg output to console window, default off


single tags

python -t SATMAX -o 235 -t YMIN -u 16 -i /path/to/report.mkv.qctools.xml.gz

run bars against default profile from QCTools docs

python -bd -p default -i /path/to/reportsmkv.qctools.xml.gz

print out thumbnails of frames beyond threshold

python -p default -te -tep C:\path\to\export\folder -i C:\path\to\the\report.mkv.qctools.xml.gz

some handy applescript to grep individual tags

just percentages

python ./ -i input.mxf.qctools.xml.gz -bd -p lowTolerance | grep 'YMAX' | awk 'NR==1 {print $3}'

total number of frame failures

python ./ -i input.mxf.qctools.xml.gz -bd -p lowTolerance | grep 'YMAX' | awk 'NR==1 {print $2}'


Python 2.7.x.

Requires that lxml is installed on your system. For more info on how it's used, see here

For Windows users:

We strongly suggest using the pre-compiled installer found here

For Mac users:

Try pip first, then try the macport. More info can be found here

python port of Morgan's


python /path/to/input.mxf