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Repository for Caster Apps (Android, iOS, Windows)
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Repository for Caster Apps (Android, iOS, Windows)
The android app design can be found here: App Design Slides

The website is hosted on amazon ec2 services here: Caster Test Website

This is a site that a friend of mine and I were working on but due to a poor market response have decided against moving forward with. Take a look around but try not to break anything on the site based on what you find here.

TODO Before Release

  • Report Button
  • Mail Server
  • Views bug
    • Clicking continuously adds views
  • Likes bug
    • Clicking continuously adds likes
  • Searching by category
  • Legal
  • Android App
  • Shorten bottom bar on website (that currently contains legal)
  • Pagination

TODO Later

  • Trending by tags
  • Trending by views
  • Playlists
  • Cache as much static content as possible on the website to speed up performance
  • Analytics
  • Monetization (ads)
  • Rework the Search Engine
  • Recommendations
  • Widget
  • iOS App
  • Android Auto
  • Sync Downloads
    • Download to phone, download to computer, download to car, ...
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