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This repo contains the code used to deploy and managing my various LXC's on Proxmox. Ansible is the main way I deploy things.

A huge HUGE thanks to IronicBadger/AlexKTZ for his infra GitHub repo. I learned a ton poking around that repo and some of the things are copied straight from there, so credit where credit is due.

Explanation of Shards/Names:

Most of my servers are named after Shards of Adonalsium from my favorite fantasy series by Brandon Sanderson. So if you look at my roles you'll see a pattern.

  • Adonalsium - Primary Proxmox Node
  • Autonomy - Home Automation
  • Cultivation - Misc. Media
  • Dominion - Ansible primary host
  • Endowment - Media distribution/collection
  • Honor - DMZ/Primary Adguard/Wireguard
  • Mercy - Runs some old chat bots for friends
  • Odium - Homelab Proxomox Node
  • Omada - Runs Omada controller for Wifi
  • Preservation - Databases
  • Valor - Backup Adguard
  • Ambition - Cloud VPS

First Deploy instructions:

make install - Installs a github hook to prevent uploading an unencrypted Ansible vault file, adds the Ansible Galaxy roles, and sets up the Ansible vault password

make boostrap - Sets up the hosts with a main user and an ansible user that can run sudo without a password

make proxmox - Creates all LXCs, sets up disks on Proxmox host

make ____ - Sets up the various LXCs

Ansible Vault

make encrypt - Encrypts the Ansible vault make decrypt - Decrypts the Ansible vault


make git - Runs the gitupdate script


make update - Runs apt update and apt upgrade on the servers, and pushes an updated docker-compose.yml file make docker - Runs docker-compose pull {{ containers }} and docker-compose up -d {{ container }} on host and containers specified

If you appreciate my work, please consider buying me a beer (or coffee, or whatever)



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