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08/21/2012 V 0.5.1
- add
- AUTHORS: List of Authors and contributors
- bin/fvwm-nightshade: startup script
- templates/fvwm-nightshade.desktop: login script
- doc/License: GPL2
07/31/2012 V 0.5
- roll out some infostore variables to .settings so that an update of the
config won't destroy user settings
- create two desktop layouts: Horizontal and Vertical
- replace xclock with conky (because of transparent background)
- fix bug that FuncDesktopCreateScreenshot creates now the whole desktop
not only the active window
07/31/2012 V 0.4.5
- update relevant parts related to Fvwm Default Config V 0.21.7
- add some comments and delete unused lines
- delete FvwmProxy because it works only on the actual page and for that
FuncSwitchWindow exist
- Add moving active window to page n with SHIFT-ALT+1-4 + update help windows
- delete FuncFvwmShowColorsets becaue make no sense for user
07/27/2012 V 0.4.4
- update relevant parts related to Fvwm Default Config V 0.21.6
- simplify menus with MissingSubmenuFunction and swaping Test/TestRc
parts into functions
- Create decorations with DestroyDecor/AddToDecor
- Resort Style commands in General and Application blocks (Not scattered
over the complete config)
- delete inProgress part cause never needed anymore (due to new
fvwm-menu-desktop in CVS)
- delete FuncGetFvwmVersion
- Change in FvwmScript-PersonalMenu Popup Menu widget to List widget
to show all menu entries if list is longer than display height
06/12/2012 V 0.4.3
- add About box
- add !Title style for FvwmForm-RunCommand, FvwmForm-About, FvwmForm-Messages
- fix bugs in
- fix bugs creating .menu
- fix paths of FvwmScript-PersonalMenu to find it in the module dir
- add an installer script
- add new default wallpaper (5:4 & 16:9) to artwork
06/10/2012 V 0.4.2
- update overview and some comments in config
- add a header in all files (version, description, cdate, ...)
- replace wrong to correct one
06/05/2012 V 0.4.1
- create colorset template
- clean up all colorsets files
- change background colors in DigitalXclock and systray to the theme
related color background
06/05/2012 V 0.4
- new decors: Ambience (Ubuntu), Air (Kde Oxygen-air)
- add decor switching without restart via menu
- add autostart function for programs
- change Configuration menu with a smaller depth
- add Gtk+ and Qt theme switcher to Configuration menu
- add changing theme resistant via sed
- adapt themes (buttons & titlebar)
05/18/2012 V 0.3
- change mouse 3 binding from MenuWindowOpsFull to MenuDesktopOps with
MenuWallpaperConfiguration, MenuHelp and MenuWindowOpsFull menus
05/18/2012 V 0.2
- add new menu creation with
-> while startup: if no .menu exist in the Root menu "Menu creation in progress ..."
occurs, because fvwm-xdg-menu runs in the background.
-> the Read .menu starts only once and then never (prevent the permanent
reading of .menu while opening the root menu
05/18/2012 V 0.1
- initial creation of
- config
- themes
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