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Authors of Fvwm-Nightshade:
Thomas Funk <>
- former
- ideas
- scripts
- functionality
- themes
- german translation
Bernhard Popp
- Fvwm-Nightshade Logo
- wallpapers
- icons
- scripts
Contributors (in no specific order):
- Thomas Adam
- Tavis Ormandy (screenshot and wallpaper functions)
- Aelsi
- Scientific
- unambiguous (manpage browser)
- Maciej Delmanowski (idea for startup script, Load function and About box)
- xeNULL (idea of FlatTab theme)
- Maxime Lordier, Dominique Michel and Axel Lagre for French translation
- Adonai Martin, Vanessa Sauer and Jesús J. Guerrero Botella for Spanish translation
- Andreas Hoenen for Perl module FvwmSmartMaximize
- Sebastian Luncan for Gentoo ebuild
- Thibaut28 (origin author of 'Rocken' theme)
- Rafa Cobreros (origin author of MediterraneanNight Series V2.0 theme - base for Tribal Gtk2+3 theme)
- Simon Steinbeiß and Satyajit Sahoo (origin author of Greybird - base for Gtk3 part of Air theme)
- Daniel Foré (origin author of elementary - base for Gtk2 part of Air and FlatTab theme)
- Satyajit Sahoo (origin author of Evolve - base for Gtk3 part of FlatTab theme)
- Berno Strik (Redmond theme and fix #55)
- Bresiyel (origin author of poladd - Adds programs to polkit for gui view. Base for fns-poladd)
- Artashes Mkhitaryan for Russian translation
- Dominique Michel for the develop ebuild and the correct installation from git
- The gtk2-perl team for perl modules Gtk2-Ex-Simple-List and Gtk2-Ex-Simple-Tree
If anybody find code which is from her/him please contact one of the
authors of Fvwm-Nightshade that we can add her/him to the list :-)
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