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- fix issue #64 - make arch is failing. This depends on the stronger variable check
in pacman 5.
- fix bug in fns-find-icon that no icon can convert if ~/.fvwm-nightshade/trmp exist
- change widget dimensions in FNS-MenuBuilder to fit different translations and reduce
window size
- add font to FvwmButton config in G2likeTopBar, HorizontalPanel and KlikeBottomBar
to fix wrong display of Russian characters
- add functionality in FNS-MenuBuilder that bigger icons chosen by create dialog will be
converted to the correct size and change the path in .personal
- fix bug in FNS-MenuConfigurator that not the theme path is chosen while changing folder or
application icon
- changes in FvwmTransSet:
- fix warning 'reference is experimental'
- add some additional debug messages
- changes in fns-find-icon:
- add possibility to scan 'all' themes in /usr/share/icons AND in $HOME/.icons
- fix bug in 'prefer svg' that if 'all' themes are scanned not the first png will be returned
- remove useless adding of search paths if iconsize is not 48
- extend error messages
- update documentation of fns-find-icon
- fix bug in FvwmTransSet that a loop will execute whether a variable is undefined
- fix bug in FNS-MenuBuilder that a forgotten icon breaks .personal
- changes in FNS-MenuBuilder:
- remove remove Fvwm module implementation lines not needed anymore
- remove $icon_changed variable never needed
- update pot, po and mo files of FNS-MenuBuilder
- update documentation of FNS-MenuBuilder
- update refresh.svg
- add dh-python to Build-Depends in debian/control and update Standards-Version to 3.9.8
- add lintian-override file because of install location of the perl libraries depending
of paths in @INC
- update initial changelog entry in debian/changelog to current status
- update copyright date in debian/copyright
- change architecture in debian/control to 'any' because of architecture dependant install
locations of shipped Perl modules
- remove lintian-overrides because now amd64 and i386 packages will be created depending
to 'any' in debian/control
- update deb rule in Makefile to create architecture dependant packages
- add rm line in debian/rules to remove LICENSE file in PitchBlack theme
- change some images from 755 to 644 in gtk-3 theme folders of PitchBlack
- change some files in fvwm-nightshade/modules/ from 755 to 644
- fix bug in fns-cpu-performance that it will start whether no governor tool is installed
- fix crash in FNS-MenuBuilder if an icon path not valid. Also forward messages to STDERR
- changes in config:
- fix old URL in MenuFvwmWebPages. Remove depreciated fns-wiki menu entry
and add new menu entry for fns website, too.
- add modified FuncUnsetDeskKeyBindings, MenuWindowGroupQuickMove and MenuWindowMoveTo
for full page move support for windows.
- update FuncAnimatedMove to prevent window move to non existing pages
- update version to beta2
- remove FuncUnsetDeskKeyBindings, MenuWindowGroupQuickMove and MenuWindowMoveTo and
key bindings from layouts
- add modified key bindings from layouts back to .bindings
- fix wrong behaviour to set spin buttons in FNS-BaseSetup
- fix bug in FNS-MenuBuilder that personal menu tree isn't sorted correctly
- add fns-menu-desktop asciidoc document, manpage and html page. It exists
as manpage only but needed for new website, too.
- fix some bugs in all layouts:
- in different shell functions change some variables to biunique names
- menu entries for pages show page numbers + translation of 'Page' again
- merge develop into master to prepare branch for release 0.8 - start beta cycle
- update version in config to 0.8-beta1
- update and add the .mo for (thanks Axel Lagre for helping out :-)
- add Axel to AUTHORS
- remove description how to build and install Fvwm from INSTALL because Fvwm has moved
to Github and all have to be tested and verified again.
- rename show_banner to fns-show-banner to fullfill FNS naming. In config, too.
- add fns-show-banner asciidoc document, manpage and html page
- add FNS-CompConfigurator asciidoc document, manpage and html page
- add FNS-MenuConfigurator asciidoc document, manpage and html page
- add fns-poladd asciidoc document, manpage and html page
- add new splash tool show_banner based on ImageMagick to get better quality
and more image format support than in FvwmBanner
- add new transparent splash "splash_fns_transparent.png" to Artwork
- changes in config depending on new splash tool:
- move FvwmBanner styles to one point instead of two
- add FvwmBanner to Excludes in FvwmTranset
- comment out FvwmBanner line in StartFunctions
- remove depreceated entries of show wallpaper in StartFunctions
- add new entry based on show_banner to show splash
- change banner in .settings to new transparent splash
- update NEWS and README for new splash
- add asciidoc document for FNS-CpuPerformance
- add manpage and html page for FNS-MenuBuilder
- add asciidoc document for FNS-MenuBuilder
- update all asciidoc documents before building new manpages and html pages
- update all manpages and html pages
- fix bugs in FNS-MenuBuilder:
- correct check if XDG_DATA_DIRS is empty
- in parse_menu():
- add forgotten case if empty line in .personal appears while parsing
- add case that .personal not exists
- use the correct array entries for text in status bar
- build correct folder/application entries with/without icons
- update asciidoc documents:
- add PitchBlack theme description in FNS-BaseSetup.txt
- update copyright year in fns-built-trayapplist, fns-find-file, fns-find-icon,
FNS-WindowsBehaviour, FvwmSmartMaximize and FvwmTransSet
- fix typo in fns-start-programs
- update fvwm-nightshade asciidoc manpage
- exchange FNS-Script-PersonalMenu with new SimpleGtk2 based application
FNS-MenuBuilder. Fixed issue #61
- add template fns-menu-builder.pot, po and mo files for German, Spanish,
French and Russian language. French po not complete yet
- remove FNS-Script-PersonalMenu translations in fvwm-nightshade.po/pot files
- update SimpleGtk2 library to 0.68
- changes in config:
- update version to - now alpha cycle is starting :-)
- exchange FNS-Script-PersonalMenu with FNS-MenuBuilder
- update sed command in FuncMenuFvwmPersonal for correct reading of .personal
- update NEWS and README
- fix bug in FNS-MenuConfigurator that an undefined array prevents creation
of menu list if a local menu is available
- add check to bin/fvwm-nightshade that script .fnssession will be sourced
if FNS is installed locally (extend $PATH and PERL5LIB)
- update Makefile:
- fix issue #51 - Installation isn't possible in different locations
- adapt build-install-list to create correct install list for local installation
- disable register apps at polkit for local installation
- add .fnssession for local installation
- add fnssession.tpl to templates/
- update NEWS with Re-add support for different install locations
- add third party perl libs to SimpleGtk2:
- Gtk2-Ex-Simple-List
- Gtk2-Ex-Simple-Tree
- update Makefile:
- build-install-list:
- fix bug that display manager path is added whether not root
- add path building of SimpleGtk2 and the third party libs
- fix path order of localization files => first files than folders
- dist-install:
- add correct installation of SimpleGtk2 if local=yes is set
- add possibility that fvwm perllib module for SimpleGtk2 can installed whether not root
- fix bug that apps will register to polkit which not installed
- uninstall-alternative:
- improve remove process that also local installation can be deleted
- add deletion of SimpleGtk2 and other used perl files
- update INSTALL:
- exchange 'Fvwm' with 'FVWM' which is the more correct spelling
- add additional description for prefix=<other_dir> to be more specific
- add description for local Perl directory
- update README:
- add support for local installation without root rights
- update AUTHORS:
- add gtk2-perl team for perl modules Gtk2-Ex-Simple-List and Gtk2-Ex-Simple-Tree
- change some widget sizes and positions in FNS-BaseSetup and FNS-MenuConfigurator
to fit different language translations
- fix missing $[gt.] entries to support text translation in G2likeTopBar and VerticalPanel
- fixes in config:
- change sort order of locale paths in LocalePath string
- add missing hotkeys to some menu entries
- add missing msgids to fvwm-nightshade.pot
- update fvwm-nightshade.pos and their binaries
- trim long sentences in pos to fit text in FNS GUIs. Also change encoding of some po files to UTF-8
- fix some if constructs that no error occur if an icon or file not found
- update version in config
- remove old marple wallpaper
- add new pitchblack wallpapers (16:9 and 4:3)
- update version in config
- fix missing comment in .settings
- update README that version works again ^^
- add 'Support for Russian language' in NEWS
- update version in config
- add forgotten tray_max_x in KlikeBottomBar for systray
- add last Russian translation file from Art and its .mo \0/
- rename conkyrc_clock to conky0Xrc_clock and conkyrc_cpu to conky0Xrc_cpu. 0X means conky version <= 1.9
- add conky1Xrc_clock and conky1Xrc_cpu to layouts/rc-files. 1X means conky version >= 1.10.
- add conky version check in all modules with conky swallowed in FvwmButtons to fix issue #59
- update NEWS that FNS now supports conky >= 1.10 (new config format)
- update layouts (G2like, Horizontal, Vertical) to new reorganized Iconman modules
- subtract one column from IconMan in KlikeBottomBar to prevent overlapping with systray
- rename IconMan to GlobalIconMan in G2likeBottomBar
- update G2likeTopBar to new scaling calculations
- update version in config
- update calculations in all layouts and their modules to allow scaling up to 4K
- update ratio calculations in config to allow scaling up to 4K
- removing IconMan modules (GlobalIconMan_Bar, GlobalIconMan_ShowHide, GlobalIconMan_TopBottom)
for reorganization. Split them into
- a general GlobalIconMan
- a Bar_GlobalIconMan: swallowed in a bar
- a ShowHide_GlobalIconMan: moves down while mouse hovers over it and hide if leaves
- a TopBottom_GlobalIconMan: moving from bottom to top layer and after loosing focus back to bottom layer
- README and NEWS updated
- remove prototypes in function definitions in (perllib) to
prevent error messages in new Perl versions
- add new Gtk2 + Gtk3 theme 'PitchBlack'
- add new FNS theme 'PitchBlack'
- change in .settings default layout from 'Horizontal' to 'Klike' and default theme from 'GrayRevenge' to 'PitchBlack'
- update README
- continue debianizing:
- add #DEBHELPER# in postinst and prerm script
- change in control:
- Standards-Version to 3.9.6
- remove in Build-Depends and Depends '(<< 3)' from python
- remove line above Description
- add rm lines in override_dh_auto_install to remove license files in GTK themes
- change wrong file permission attributes to 644 in Gtk themes
- update unreleased entry in changelog
- change optional dependencies in PKGBUILD_FNS:
- fdpowermon => cbatticon-gtk2
- xcompmgr => compton
- add cbatticon to
- FuncAppCheck in config
- suggested requirements in README and INSTALL
- add cbatticon to optional dependencies in gentoo ebuild
- cleanup conky configs (cpu, clock)
- adapt panel configs that conky configs will be found in FVWM_USERDIR, too.
- adapt percentage_voffset calculation in G2likeTopBar for a better fit of cpu percentage
- fix bug in KlikeBottomBar that systray overlaps pager
- change background color and transparency of FvwmIdent window in GrayRevenge colorsets
for better readability
- update Russian translation file and its .mo. Thanks Art ^^
- fix discrepancies in original text sections in,, and update the .mo files
- add parameter '--svg' to fns-find-icon that svg can prefer instead of bitmap formats.
- update documentation of fns-find-icon - asciidoc, manpage and html
- update fns-find-file:
- fix error if another path is used
- add -r | --recursive to search recursively
- update documentation of fns-find-file - asciidoc, manpage and html
- add new icon add_bookmark.svg
- update po and mo with revised French translations. Thanks to Dominique Michel ^^
- update Russian translation file and its .mo. Thanks to Artashes Mkhitaryan :-)
- change download procedure in standard ebuild to git.
- fix bug in Makefile that perlsitedir could get empty and remove Gentoo-prepare rule
because it's never needed anymore.
- add a develop ebuild + metadata.xml to gentoo/develop folder. Thanks to Dominique Michel for that :-)
- add Dominique to AUTHORS
- add missing translation in and update the mo
- update text parts in FNS-BaseSetup, FNS-CompConfigurator, FNS-MenuConfigurator
and FNS-WindowsBehaviour to the changes in their pot files (missing dots, grammar)
- add missing text parts in FNS-CpuPerformance to its pot file and update
all po files
- exchange wrong text part fvwm-menu-desktop with fns-menu-desktop in FNS-MenuConfigurator
and update pot and all po files
- update all mo files
- exchange GrabFocus and GrabFocusTransient with FPGrabFocus and FPGrabFocusTransient
in FNS-WindowsBehaviour because they're not used with e.g. ClickToFocus. Also
they're using FPReleaseFocus/FPReleaseFocusTransient which is not a wanted
default behaviour.
- fix wrong placed semicolon in FNS-CompConfigurator.
- fix problem in FNS-CpuPerformance that if no cpufreq driver is installed no error dialog occurs
- add new rule 'update-mo' to Makefile to update all mo files or with
make update-mo po-file=<filename> <= all mo's named <filename>.*.mo
make update-mo po-lang=<language> <= all mo's named *.<
- correct window title in mentioned by Jesús J. Guerrero Botella
- update all mo files
- update po templates and fix typos or wrong grammar
- update po files to fit state of their templates and fix typos
- add full name of Art to AUTHORS
- fix wrong conversion from hex to float in FNS-CompConfigurator. Also
rounding errors from float to hex and vice versa.
- Merge pull request of Russian translation po files from Artashm (thanks Art! ^^)
- update French translation po files from Maxime (thanks Maxime! ^^)
- update Spanish translation po files from Ado (thanks Ado! ^^) with the reviewed
versions from Jesus (thanks Jesus! ^^)
- add Artashm to AUTHORS
- fix bug in Makefile to identify only one correct Perl lib path
- add forgotten Version 0.6.9 changes in NEWS
- update fns-base-setup.pot because of possibility to configure size of desktops/pages
- update some po files (Spanish and German)
- update all mo files
- remove old documentation for FNS-Form-BaseSetup and fvwm-menu-desktop2
- add man page for fns-menu-desktop (adapted fvwm-menu-desktop man page)
- update all documentation files (asciidoc, man and html)
- add new documentation (asciidoc, man and html) for FNS-BaseSetup and FNS-WindowsBehaviour
- adapt click event for Help button in FNS-BaseSetup to show the correct help document
- add missing click event for Help button in FNS-MenuConfigurator to show the fns-menu-desktop help document
- add missing click event for Help button in FNS-WindowsBehaviour to show the new help document
- fix bug which prevents starting FNS-BaseSetup. Add also Tips to the
desktop spin buttons.
- update version to
- update README and NEWS
- add possibility to configure size of desktops/pages to FNS-BaseSetup
- merge gtk_configs branch into develop branch
- update version to
- update README and NEWS
- exchange dev-qt/qtgui with dev-qt/qtgui:4 in ebuild (thanks to Sebaro).
Also remove some einfo lines not needed on package installation
- add support for more than 4 desktop pages (currently 10 depending on the
limits of available key bindings => SHIFT+ALT+0-9 for window move to page
and SHIFT+CTRL+0-9 for goto page):
- add 2 new infostore variables: x_desks and y_desks in .settings
- update all layouts to set the menu entries and key bindings automatically.
Also calculating the correct used space and position of the pager
- update G2likeBottomBar and KlikeBottomBar to calculate the correct used
space and positions of the pager
- add missing FuncWriteSetEnvToFileAndSet call for use_composite in FNS-CompConfigurator
Also update shell call to get compositors paths (supress errors)
- update NEWS and README
- add post and preun scriptlets in ebuild for register and unregister apps
in policy file for pkexec
- remove forgotten line in fns.install arch script
- changes in config:
- FuncAutoStartPrograms starts only on Init now because most programs will
survive a restart of FNS
- screenshots will be created in $FVWM_USERDIR/screenshots now
- exchange <allow_active>auth_admin</allow_active> in fns-poladd with
<allow_active>auth_admin_keep</allow_active> to set authorization like sudo
to a few minutes.
- fix bug in FNS-CpuPerformance that changes won't set immediately
- set SetEnv PcmanFmStatus in .settings to '2' to prevent start of pcmanfm GUI
- exchange nucleo.svg with cpu.svg because of better icon quality. Also in
menus in config
- change color of bug.svg from black to grey because of better visibility
- exchange old fns icon with newer and more stylish fns icon
- add new dependency liblocale-gettext-perl to Required in INSTALL
- exchange orphaned/deprecated packages in the ebuild with their replacements:
- pm-utils => upower-pm-utils
- cpufrequtils => cpupower
- update Makefile and arch/PKBUILD_FNS to support changes for upcoming 0.8 release.
Also fix missing regex for perlsitedir
- add fns.install with scriptlets to support postinstall and preuninstall in Arch
- add missing dependency perl-locale-gettext to PKGBUILD_FNS, spec, ebuild and control
- fix hangup of policy agent while startup in function FuncStartPolkit in config
- update config:
- reduce search path for polkit agent in FuncCheck4Polkit because in Fedora
it is found in /usr/libexec/ and not like in Debian /usr/lib/pol*. Also fix
too few backslashes before '&' in FuncStartPolkit
- if 'Icons on desktop' is active no wm menus are accessible. In PcmanFm desktop
preference dialog an option is available to activate at least the right one.
So for that RootMenu is available additionally to Super_L key
- add new svg icon for PcmanFm desktop preference dialog
- adaptions in FNS-CpuPerformance:
- add missing show_and_run() for error dialog
- exchange '&> /dev/null' with '2> /dev/null' to find available scaler
- split frequency info text with '\n' and not ' ' to find the correct sentence
- adaption in FNS-BaseSetup:
- add ~/.config/pcmanfm/default/pcmanfm.conf to change show_wm_menu to activate
wm menus while 'Icons on desktop' are active.
- update spec file:
- with post and preun scriptlets for register and unregister apps
in policy file for pkexec
- add missing dependencies and perlsitedir
- add perlsitedir support to Makefile for rpm
- rename too long svg file names to eliminate build errors in 'make rpm'
- update new file names in gtk.css and gtkrc in the Gtk2+3 themes
- exchange shell commands in FNS-CpuPerformance to prevent errors while
searching for governors
- add error dialog in FNS-CpuPerformance if no cpufreq driver is active
- update SimpleGtk2 to 0.64 to support font and color changing for some widgets
=> needed for error dialog ^^
- update version in config
- add debian/postinst and debian/prerm for register and unregister apps
in policy file for pkexec
- update dist-install, uninstall and build-deb rules in Makefile to support postinst and prerm
- fix bugs in fns-poladd to return the correct exit codes
- restructure debian/rules
- add %post and %preun to rpm spec file for register and unregister apps
in policy file for pkexec
- add further support for pkexec (policykit):
- add register and unregister functions in Makefile for apps in policy for pkexec
- add functions for checking and starting polkit in config
- exchange gksu with pkexec in FNS-Cpu-Performance
- remove gksu and beesu in control files
- update dependency polkit-gnome in README and INSTALL
- add Bresiyel to AUTHORS
- update NEWS
- update package build control files for rpm, pkgbuild and ebuild
- exchange tabs with spaces in fns-start-programs
- add support for pkexec (policykit):
- update all control files
- add new shell script fns-poladd to add or remove policies for different
programs needed gui autentification. It's based on Bresiyel's script from here:
- config:
- while initial start:
- deactivate FvwmBanner
- position FNS-BaseSetup in the center
- update internal use of $[use_composite] to disable/enable the respective menus:
0 => no composite
1 => composite activated but not started
2 => composite started
- change Read $[FVWM_USERDIR]/.user to Load .user
- update $[use_composite] in colorsets to disable/enable the respective colorset settings
- add to depends in debian/control:
- libgtk2-perl - needed by SimpleGtk2
- cpupower - alternative to cpufrequtils
- lxappearance - fix typo (missing p)
- update dependencies and featurelist in README
- update NEWS
- update dependencies in INSTALL
- fixes in config:
- add TestRc infront of fns-menu-desktop in FuncXdgMenusInRoot to remove double
entries in menu
- exchange TestRc (!Match) with Test (EnvMatch DesktopScrollOn 0) to make desktop
scroll on/off workable
- exchange .FvwmForm-Desktop-Config with .fns-menu.cfg in fns-init
- exchange .FvwmForm-Desktop-Config with .fns-menu.cfg
- fix bugs in FNS-BaseSetup:
- in first_start():
- .FvwmForm-Desktop-Config was used instead of .fns-menu.cfg
- no wallpapers directory was created
- desktop scrolling value wasn't insert due to a wrong variable name
- in apply_and_save():
- no .layout link was created ever
- sed error message occured if no pcmanfm config was found
- no error message occur if ~/.config/libfm/libfm.conf" not exist
- exchange system(ln -s ...) with symlink()
- fix display bug in FNS-CompConfigurator if no composite manager available
- fix bugs in FNS-MenuConfigurator:
- fvwm-menu-config2 was used instead of fns-menu-config
- in create_menu():
- command string was built with quotes on the wrong place
- wanted menu string was composed wrong
- add a sleep(1) between reading the config (FVWM) and deleting it in FNS-WindowsBehaviour
- expand Makefile with:
- un/install routines for new tools, perllib and SimpleGtk2
- add an error message for installing FNS desktop file if user not root
- remove old files:
- FNS-Form-BaseSetup
- FNS-Script-CpuPerformance
- FvwmForm-GenOptionHelp2
- FvwmForm-MultiMenuHelp2
- FvwmForm-SingleMenuHelp2
- fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl
- move new tools from fvwm to fvwm-nightshade/lib:
- FNS-BaseSetup
- FNS-CompConfigurator
- FNS-MenuConfigurator
- FNS-WindowsBehaviour
- add ' ' to InfoStore additional_wp_dirs because it doesn't be empty
- rename fvwm-menu-desktop2 to fns-menu-desktop because of the new FNS-MenuConfigurator
- rename fns-cpu-performance back to FNS-CpuPerformance for consistency
- add new InfoStoreAdd default_editor and SetEnv DesktopScrollOn to .settings
- update config:
- change all FNS-Form-BaseSetup to FNS-BaseSetup
- change all FNS-Script-CompConfigurator to FNS-CompConfigurator
- change all FNS-Script-CpuPerformance to FNS-CpuPerformance
- change all fvwm-menu-desktop2 to fns-menu-desktop
- add new icons for FNS-WindowsBehaviour and FNS-MenuConfigurator
- add DesktopScrollOn to support deactivation of page scrolling
- remove FuncUpdateBaseSetupFile and its entries because never needed anymore
- add new fns configuration tools based on SimpleGtk2 and fvwm-perllib:
- FNS-BaseSetup => will replace FNS-Form-BaseSetup
- FNS-CompConfigurator => will replace FNS-Script-CompConfigurator
- FNS-MenuConfigurator => will replace fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl
- FNS-WindowsBehaviour => implements #46
- add needed perllib module to start those tools as a module
- add needed RAD library SimpleGtk2 (#47) for Perl-Gtk2 tools
- add revised fns-cpu-performance based on SimpleGtk2 (issue #40) with
support for cpufreq and cpupower => will replace FNS-Script-CpuPerformance
- adapt fvwm-menu-desktop2 to support FNS-MenuConfigurator
- add pot templates for all new configuration tools
- remove old translation parts from fvwm-nightshade.pot and the german translation
- add complete german translation for new configuration tools
- add incomplete spanish and french translations for new configuration tools
- update Redmond colorset: better contrast in menu. Thanks to Berno Strik
for his patch
- fix bug #55 that the horizontal panel was too small to accept all the
swallowed items (thanks to Berno Strik for his patch).
- change some colors in Redmond theme:
- border color of active window for better contrast
- use the same colors for fg and bg in menu title as in inactive menu
- set the active mini window in pager a little bit darker
- add new theme 'Redmond'. Thanks to Berno Strik for his creation :-)
- update NEWS, README, AUTHORS and config (version number)
- increase menu button in horizontal layout because systray overlaps it.
- remove xfce4-power-manager because since 1.3, it no longer provides a
tray icon.
- update NEWS, README, INSTALL, Arch pkgbuild and Debian control
- remove change from 08/08/2014 that Suspend and Hibernate don't appear
in the Quit menu if xfce4 power manager is installed.
- remove old introduction comments from the beginning of config
- exchange not needed tabs with spaces in config
- change Schedule of EwmhBaseStruts to 2000 ms that pcmanfm gets the
complete screen in desktop mode
- fix bug in wallpaper functions that spaces break the link deletion
- remove FNS-Script-AppletConfigurator and FNS-Script-PlaylistCreator
- remove all icons needed by FNS-Applets
- update FuncWallpaperBrowser to support more than one wallpaper directories
- add FuncCreateWpDirLinks and FuncRemoveWpDirLinks
- add a new icon folder-images.svg
- add systemd support in FuncSuspend and FuncHibernate
- make transset version configurable
- update fvwm-nightshade documentation
- change all FNS function in config that they start with 'Func'
- remove FNS-Applets:
- remove all FNS-Applets entries and menus because they will move to
an extra package in the future
- remove AppletIconMan from ALT-TAB functions
- remove FNS-Applet colorsets from decor themes
- remove dependencies in ARCH, Debian, RPM and Gentoo build control files
- remove helper scripts (coverlovin)
- simplify Qt config menu
- add seperators in layout and decor menu to show which parts come from system
and user (DONE)
- fix bug in fns-start-programs that comments (with # infront) creating errors
- update docs for fns-start-programs
- update README and INSTALL
- reduce the amount of wallpapers to shrink the package size. Putting them in an extra package
- remove spaces in empty lines in debian/control to prevent parsing error
while building deb package with 'make'
- add key binding CTRL + Super_L (left win key) to call DesktopMenu while
icons on desktop are active. Normally it is on the right mouse key but
in this case the pcmanfm menu is there.
- changes in config:
- add missing case in FuncRunPcmanFmWithDesktop
- remove test echos in FuncStartMountDaemon, FuncRunPcmanFmWithoutDesktop,
FuncSetWallpaper and FuncRunPcmanFmWithDesktop
- extend mouse bindings help messages with new possibility to call the
- fix missing cases if layouts will set - only the system wide were used.
Now the same named in FVWM_USERDIR/layouts are prefered
- reduce schedules in layouts and add a sleep FuncRunPcmanFmWithDesktop
- exchange in some files tabs with 4 spaces
- Implementation of PcmanFm as mount daemon AND desktop manager. So
icons on desktop now possible. Also mount icons.
- fix problem that find-desktop-icon sometimes doesn't find the needed
icon. If this happens a fns icon will be taken
- fix disappear bug of conky_clock and conky_cpu while startup/restart
- put Klike bar to the same layer as application to remove the clause
whether a composite manager is running. Also center the ShowDesktop button
- disable sub menu animation in all decors due to the annoying flipping
whether the menu hits the right screen edge
- add two new variable to .settings to manage icons on desktop
- add pcmanfm as deamon to exclude list of FvwmTransSet
- add functions to stear pcmanfm - only as mount daemon or with icon on
desktop support
- adapt wallpaper functions to use pcmanfm as wallpaper setter if icons on desktop
are active because it's not possible to set the pcmanfm desktop transparent
- add 'icons on desktop' to FNS-Form-BaseSetup. Also the Klike layout
- fix some display bugs in Tribal Gtk3 theme
- update NEWS and README
- fix some display bugs in Tribal Gtk3 theme:
- commented out gnome-panel.css and gnome-mdi.css in gtk.css
- add background: transparent for menus i.e. gedit in menu.css
- add function RunAppLauncher with some application launchers in config
and exchange FvwmForm-RunCommand in MenuRoot and .bindings
- update depends and optdepends in PKGBUILD_FNS
- update Suggests in debian/control
- update ebuild dependencies
- update version in config
- adapt FlatTab theme for consistent look:
- GtkPaned::handle_size to 6
- add missing CSS part for resize grip. Also height and width to 16
- add background-color to frame
- adapt border-radius in tooltip
- add Gtk2 + 3 theme based on elementary (Gtk2) and Greybird (Gtk3) for Air
- add themes installation to Makefile.
- fix broken 'make deb' because of the debianization of FNS
- fix annoying flip of IconMan
- fix bug that pcmanfm doesn't start as daemon
- set terminal hard to xterm for FvwmConsole to prevent a no-start
- fix bug in FvwmTransSet whether wmClass is empty after closing of an app.
- update README, NEWS and INSTALL.
- add xfce4 power manager as an optional exchange for pm-utils to
FuncAppCheck, FuncStartSystrayApplets, FuncSuspend and FuncHibernate.
Also, if xfce4 power manager is installed no Suspend and hibernate
entry in Quit menu is available.
- debianize the package correctly. Add changelog (template), copyright,
rules, source/format, watch and update control file.
- updating dependencies in README, INSTALL, fvwm-nightshade.spec,
fvwm-nightshade.ebuild and PKGBUILD_FNS
- updating FuncAppCheck with new dependencies
- add FuncStartMountDaemon to start pcmanfm as daemon to support hotplug
- updating NEWS about hotplug mounting
- add clipboards (clipit and parcellite) to FuncStartSystrayApplets
- fix other too dark insensitive fore color in menus
- add README.DarkThemes to help fixing ugly application coloring while
using dark themes.
- fix too dark insensitive fore color in menus
- add Gtk2 + 3 theme based on elementary (Gtk2) and Evolve (Gtk3) for FlatTab
- add theme.index to Tribal theme
- adapt Tribal Gtk3 parts to fit appearance of Gtk2 parts and vice versa
- add Gtk2 + 3 theme based on MediterraneanNight Series v2.0 by Rafa Cobreros
for Tribal
- change some colors in CrystalBall because they were too crude
- fix annoying bug that Iconman in Horizontal and Vertical layout
moving up and down very often after enter it with mouse
- change slackware package search engine in INSTALL because old link is closed
- adapt Colorset 7 in all themes cause current setting won't remove Rockens title color/pixmap settings
- change wrong border color in the Clean theme
- add new svg image for title menu
- darken the module/pager/iconman background svgs because was too crude
- updating colorsets template
- update AUTHORS
- add new theme 'Rocken' based on Thibaut's theme (thanks for his admition :-) )
- add to all decors Greyed style and exchange Colorset 7 because needed for removing bg image if
Rocken theme was loaded before.
- update comments in colorsets to be up to date in all of them
- exchange tabs with spaces in some files (decors, modules, ...)
- exchange StaysOnBottom with Layer 4 in some modules because with compositing they're to deep
- updating colorsets template
- fix bug in debian/control - not || but |
- set use_composite = 0 not 1 in .settings because we don't know whether a composite manager is active
- switch default theme for 0.8 to "GrayRevenge".
- set version to 0.7.7.<date> because it's start of 0.8 develop branch
- set in conky configs own_window_type to 'dock' to prevent invisible cpu_conky and date_conky
- fix bug #48 - FNS manpages don't show in the help menu
- add issue #49 - a new layout 'Klike' - a KDE like bottom bar
04/29/2014 (starting with 0.8 develop branch)
- merge feature_nanomoids branch
- fix bug in FNS-Applet-Plaia to prevent mplayer showing a cover if in audio file exists
- update fvwm-menu-desktop2 to current fvwm-menu-desktop in FVWM CVS
- update FvwmForm-MultiMenuHelp2 to last upstream changes
- 2 line fix by Dominique Michel to correspond correctly with fvwm-nightshade.pot
- update French and Spanish translation to last upstream changes:
- Spanish proof read patch by Jesús J. Guerrero Botella
- French proof read patches by Dominique Michel
- update fvwm-menu-desktop2 to last upstream changes:
- Converting of icons always to png
- add FNS-Script-CompConfigurator - Composite configurator script for
xcompmgr or compton
- add new composite icons
- add new values in .settings: use_composite, comp_command, used_windowtransparency,
- add new module FvwmTransSet to set true transparency to windows if a composite
manager is running
- update config:
- assign CompConfigurator icon to FNS-Script-CompConfigurator
- add configuration for FvwmTransSet
- add composite manager and FvwmTransSet to StartFunction
- add ExitFunction to stop composite manager and FvwmTransSet if needed
- add some needed composite functions: FuncKillCompmgr, FuncStartFvwmTransSet,
FuncStopFvwmTransSet, UpdateWindowOpacity, UpdateWindowTransparency,
- fix bug in FuncWriteInfoStoreToFileAndSet and FuncWriteSetEnvToFileAndSet
that strings with space get cut
- add new sub menu for compositing in Fvwm-Nightshade configuration menu. Also
menus for change transparency in the RootMenu, and windows
- add in MenuWindowOpsTrimmed the possibility to change window opacity and
transparency if composite manager is running. Also in MenuDesktopOps to
change the menu transparency
- update overview, copyright and version number
- add to colorsets use_composite tests to set tint or not
- add a check in FvwmTransSet that dialogs don't change the last window's opacity
because it looks confusing if the parent window gets transparent
- add support for hald AND upower to FuncSuspend/FuncHibernate
- add some additional search sites to INSTALL
- add zypper install command to INSTALL
- add documentation for FvwmTransSet
- add new wallpapers 'wp_fns_blobs' in 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10
- update config version
- add new theme 'GrayRevenge' based on Alessandro Roncone's Gray-Revenge-1-7
( and update
colorsets to handle nanomoids
- update NEWS and config version
- merge changes from develop branch:
- add /etc/* to %files in fvwm-nightshade.spec to add to rpm
- fix bug in layouts that shortcuts are shown with '&' instead of an underline
- add new vector icons for menu and modify some
- change #!/usr/bin/env python2 to #!/usr/bin/env python2.7 in fns-find-icon
- final update of fvwm-nightshade.pot, german, spanish and french po and mo files
- update fvwm-nightshade help in asciidoc, man page and html
- update fvwm-menu-desktop2, fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl to final version
- add fvwm-menu-desktop man page
- add help forms for new fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl
- add desktop-directories for to system/
- add to system/
- change xpm icons to svg icons in menu and update version
- add XDG menu parts to install/uninstal and build-list in Makefile
- fix bug in Makefile that shell errors occur while creating fns-install-list
- update fvwm-nightshade help in asciidoc, man page and html
- changes to
- add missing categories based on latest XDG menu spec
- move file-tools from System Tools to Accessories
- add category Utility to NOT section of Preferences and add a NOT section
with Office to TextTools in Editors to prevent showing office apps there.
- change to
- change wrong make command 'prepare-gentoo' to 'gentoo-prepare' in Makefile
- update README and config version
- final update of spanish and french po and mo files
- fix bug in a line of FvwmForm-GenOptionHelp2 that translation failed
- update config version, NEWS, AUTHORS and README
- adapt fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl and its help files to handle different
language layouts
- add empty strings and adapt some text length to fvwm-nightshade.pot for
better layout handling with different languages. Also in the german,
spanish and french po files.
- add french translations for FvwmForm-GenOptionHelp to po file
- update german and french mo files
- update config version
- update pot template for fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl and its help files
- update german po and mo file:
- add translation messages for fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl and its help files
- add new translation messages from CPU and Clock Ops menu
- update french po file:
- add english translation messages for fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl and its help files
- add new translation messages from CPU and Clock Ops menu
- fix bugs in layouts that some translations doesn't work
- adapt line formatings in fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl and its help files
- update config version
- add /etc/* to %files in fvwm-nightshade.spec to add to rpm
- add new translation msgids to fvwm-nightshade.pot for fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl
and its help files
- adapt some changes in fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl help files to reduce translation msgids
- update german translation
- update config version
- remove the command 'Separator' in fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl and all help files
because only available in CVS of FVWM
- fix bug in fvwm-menu-desktop2 that .theme file will be generated if --enable-mini-icons
isn't set
- fix bug in layouts that shortcuts are shown with '&' instead of an underline
- change command fvwm-menu-desktop to fvwm-menu-desktop2 in fvwm-menu-desktop2-config and
its helps
- add to system/
- add desktop-directories for to system/
- add XDG menu parts to install/uninstal and build-list in Makefile
- fix translation bug and wrong icon in config
- update version in config
- update README and NEWS
- changes in fvwm-menu-desktop2:
- add two new options: --app-icon and --dir-icon to handle default icons
for not available app/dir icons
- fix bug in convert icon routine that background of svg icons are transparent again
- update fvwm-menu-desktop2 manpage for the new options --app-icon and --dir-icon
- rewrite of fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl to add the new options of fvwm-menu-desktop2
and help buttons.
- add 3 new FvwmForms for fvwm-menu-desktop2-config help
- add 11 new vector icons for menu
- change colors in 3 vector icons for menu
- changes in config:
- remove partitialmaximize in menu
- exchange bitmap icon entries with new svg icon entries in menus
10/09/2014 V 0.6.9
- add fix from bstrik for issue #52 - FvwmIdent ColorSet 21 to the following
colorsets: Air, Ambience and Tribal
- update NEWS and AUTHORS
- fix bug in fns-start-programs that comments (with # infront) creating errors
- update docs for fns-start-programs
- update fvwm-menu-desktop2 to current fvwm-menu-desktop in FVWM CVS
- add CTRL + left Windows key anywhere to open Desktop menu
- Bugfixes in config:
- fix bug in FuncWriteInfoStoreToFileAndSet and FuncWriteSetEnvToFileAndSet
that strings with space get cut
- exchange blutooth-applet with bluemon-applet because it doesn't exist in Gnome3
- set terminal hard to xterm for FvwmConsole to prevent a no-start
- add support for hald, upower and systemd to FuncSuspend/FuncHibernate
- fix bug in FuncFvwmManpageMenu that not all Fvwm manpages are shown
- updated control files to blueman
- fix bugs in G2like, Horizontal and Vertikal that:
- sometimes icons not shown
- cpu and clock applet won't appear in panel
- bump config, README and NEWS to 0.6.9
- Some Bugfixes in fvwm-menu-desktop2:
- DecodeEncodeErrors in menu names
- no output appears with 'fvwm-menu-desktop2 --get-menus all|desktop'
- No entry "Regenerate XDG menu(s)" appears with
'fvwm-menu-desktop2 --insert-in-menu MenuRoot'
- exchange all tabs with spaces to prevent indention errors
- update config version
- merge parts from branch feature_nanomoids into develop:
- add new variable __version__ for version in fns-find-icon
- remove wm-icons package from recommended dependencies in /debian/control
- add new vector icons to artworks/icons/scalable to replace wm-icons package
- delete fns bitmap icons because they never needed - a svg icon exist
- add own_window_title to conkyrc_clock and conkyrc_cpu to make it possible to kill them with xkill
- change static menus to dynamic menus and xpm to vector icons in all layouts to change icon size on the fly
- change bitmap icons to vector icons in G2likeTopBar, VerticalPanel and HorizontalPanel
to change icon size on the fly
- add mouse action on conky_cpu and conky_clock button - right click to show menu - in
G2likeTopBar, HorizontalPanel and VerticalPanel
- changes in config:
- change the order in ImagePath that Fvwm search for images in FVWM_USERDIR first
- change most of the xpm files to svg
- change static menus to dynamic menus and xpm to vector icons to change icon size on the fly
- fix variable problem in FuncWriteInfoStoreToFileAndSet
- implement SetMenuIconSize in all menus if needed to update icon size variable to enable
changing icon size on the fly
- exchange tabs with spaces
- add deleted FuncUpdateBaseSetupFile to update theme and layout if changed
- add FuncMenuClockOps and FuncMenuCpuOps
- add SetMenuIconSize function in fns-init to set Menu icon size dependent of .FvwmForm-Desktop-Config
on the fly in menus and Windowlist
- exchange tabs with spaces in header.tpl
- remove wm-icons from recommended dependencies in INSTALL and README
- exchange tabs with spaces in INSTALL and README
- add Gentoo installation support (thanks to Sebastian Luncan for the ebuild)
- add install documentation for Gentoo to INSTALL
- add gentoo-prepare in Makefile to create an install package and an ebuild
with the correct version number
- fix bugs in fvwm-menu-desktop2 if only one xdg menu exists:
- no output appears with 'fvwm-menu-desktop --get-menus all|desktop'
- no entry "Regenerate XDG menu(s)" appears with 'fvwm-menu-desktop --insert-in-menu MenuRoot'
therefore the output in fvwm-menu-desktop-config.fpl is completely crappy.
- if an icon not found but the path was given convert
- exchanged all Tabs with spaces to prevent indention errors with the Python interpreter.
- update version in config to correct Gentoo requirements:
- change #!/usr/bin/env python2 to #!/usr/bin/env python2.7 in python scripts because
not on all systems python2 symlink exist.
- remove python_replicate_script function from ebuild template
- add deleted function FuncWriteSetEnvToFileAndSet back into config
- fix wrong rm commands in uninstall-alternative in Makefile
09/05/2013 V 0.7.4
- merge develop in master
- update required FVWM to >= 2.6.5 in INSTALL
- update version to 0.7.4 in NEWS and README
- adapt Requirements in NEWS and README
- adapt prepare-rpm rule in Makefile to work with FVWM 2.6.5 installed
by the package manager
- change #!/usr/bin/python to #!/usr/bin/env python2 in python script to
prevent the use of Python 3
- remove the command 'Separator' in fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl because
only available in CVS of FVWM
- change in arch/PKGBUILD_FNS wrong dependency python<3 to python2
- change in arch/PKGBUILD_FNS wrong dependency pyxdg to python2-xdg
- remove old and useless arch/PKGBUILD_FNS_download
- add translation parts for fvwm-menu-desktop and fvwm-menu-desktop-config.fpl
to /templates/fvwm-nightshade.pot
- adapt INSTALL to new usage of FVWM 2.6.5 instead of 2.6.6 CVS
- change copyright in COPYING from 2012 to 2013
- update README
- changes to use Fvwm-Nightshade with FVWM 2.6.5 instead of 2.6.6 CVS:
- add some files from CVS with some name changes to enable the usages
of Xdg menus:
- fvwm-menu-desktop as fvwm-menu-desktop2
- fvwm-menu-desktop-config.fpl as fvwm-menu-desktop2-config.fpl
- fvwm-menu-desktop manpage as fvwm-menu-desktop2 manpage
- add translation parts for fvwm-menu-desktop and fvwm-menu-desktop-config.fpl
from CVS to and built new mo files
- add FVWM version check in FuncXdgMenusInRoot to decide which fvwm-menu-desktop
have to be used.
- update debian/control:
- change required FVWM version to >> 2.6.4
- change required python version to << 3
- remove some uninteresting description lines and add Xdg menu support
- update arch/PKGBUILD_FNS and rpm/fvwm-nightshade.spec:
- change required FVWM version to >= 2.6.5
- change required python version to < 3
- update README:
- change required FVWM version to >= 2.6.5
- add Xdg menu support
- update NEWS
- add new applet FNS-Applet-DriveInn (a storage drives manager)
- add new vector icons for FNS-Applet-DriveInn to artwork/scalable
- add new environment variable to fvwm-nightshade to have a search variable
for sound paths
- add new function FnsSoundPath in fns-init to have the same possibility
like ModulePath or ImagePath to create search paths for sounds
- add new python script fns-find-file to search in path variables like
$PATH or $FNS_SOUNDPATH for files
- add FnsSoundPath to config and update version
- add new applet FNS-Aplet-Chrono (alarm clock)
- add new 32x32 icons for FNS-Aplet-Chrono in artwork/icons
- add sounds in artworks for own system sounds
- exchange tabs with spaces in fns-init and fvwm-nightshade
- add new variable __version__ for version in fns-find-icon
- adapt variables which use 0/1 to false/true in some FvwmScript scripts
- fix bug in FNS-Applet-Kalende that in script mode the background is transparent
- add documentation for fns-find-file (asciidoc, manpage, html)
- add new feature description of fns-find-file to NEWS
- add FNS-Script-Date based on FvwmScript-Date because the original fits
not into the FNS GUI design. Also, setting system time/date needs root
permission which is not possible with FvwmScript-Date
- add FNS-Script-Date in some menus
- add new clock vector icon for FNS-Script-Date
- exchange tabs with spaces in FNS-Script-FileBrowser and header.tpl
- create new icon directory structure in artworks/icon:
16x16/, 24x24/, 64x64/ and 80x64/ for bitmap icons
- delete fns bitmap icons because they never needed - a svg icon exist
- resize weather icons faenza and google from 40x40 to 24x24
- update applet icons in config to new icon directory structure
- adapt in Meteo, Kalende, Plaia and Pagina:
- exchange tabs with spaces
- rename all window titles to Applet-<name>
- make command line parsing more general
- exchange svg icons with bitmaps
- changes in Meteo:
- add a bunch of new options
- script can now decide which theme should taken - wonderground or system theme icons
- changes in config:
- launch new develop versioning: <version_number>-<YYYYMMDD>
- exchange tabs with spaces
- add to 9.3 -> Modules and Applets menu
- add icon styles for FNS-Applets and other FNS scripts
- add new menus:
- MenuFnsApplets - show all new applets
- MenuClockOps - popups when right click on date/time with:
- calender
- alarm clock
- set time and date
- restart Conky clock
- MenuCpuOps - popups when right click on cpu bar with:
- Cpu Performance tool
- Cpu applet Nucleu
- restart Conky cpu bar
- exchange some xpm icons with vector icons in MenuAppletOps
- add own_window_title to conkyrc_clock and conkyrc_cpu to make it possible to kill them with xkill
- update FNS-Applet-Kalende:
- add new option '-s' to start it as a normal Skript with the same decoration as normal FvwmScripts
- move Sebaros settings in a if loop
- made changes in Command line argument parsing to can handle more than on option without value
- integrate other colors for using applet as a script for better look
- fix bug that current day number won't show colorized if month or year changed
- remove old useless comment lines
- add mouse action on conky_cpu and conky_clock button - right click to show menu - in
G2likeTopBar, HorizontalPanel and VerticalPanel
- add some new vector icons to artworks/icons/scalable
- change some vector icons in artworks/icons/scalable
- add dependencies for coverlovin in control files for arch, deb and rpm
- remove wm-icons package from recommended dependencies in /debian/control
- adapt FNS-Applet-Kalende, FNS-Applet-Pagina and FNS-Applet-Plaia to new structure
- add new vector icons to artworks/icons/scalable to replace wm-icons package
- remove Tips entries and mouse actions in AppletIconMan because they're not needed
- change bitmap icons to vector icons in G2likeTopBar, VerticalPanel and HorizontalPanel
to change icon size on the fly
- add SetMenuIconSize function in fns-init to set Menu icon size dependent of .FvwmForm-Desktop-Config
on the fly in menus and Windowlist
- changes in config:
- add loading of AppletIconMan in 7. Modules under 7.8.1
- change the order in ImagePath that Fvwm search for images in FVWM_USERDIR first
- change most of the xpm files to svg
- change static menus to dynamic menus and xpm to vector icons to change icon size on the fly
- fix variable problem in FuncWriteInfoStoreToFileAndSet
- implement SetMenuIconSize in all menus if needed to update icon size variable to enable
changing icon size on the fly
- change static menus to dynamic menus and xpm to vector icons in all layouts to change icon size on the fly
- remove wm-icons from recommended dependencies in INSTALL and README
- exchange tabs with spaces in INSTALL and README
- FvwmSmartMaximize: make EwmhBaseStruts determination more perlish
- move all FNS-Applets from fvwm-nightshade/applets to fvwm/
- rename all FvwmScripts to FNS-Script-<Name>
- rename all FvwmForms to FNS-Form-<Name>
- rename all FvwmApplets to FNS-Applet-<Name>
- update all names in config to the new name nomenclature
- add Pagina menus to config
- rename FNS-BaseSetup helps to FNS-Form-BaseSetup helps and update it
- update fvwm-nightshade help with the new names
- update fvwm-nightshade help with new infostore variables and the new tools
- adapt Makefile to new name convention
- add weather icons for FNS-Applet-Meteo
- set permissions of FNS-Applet-Meteo to 644
- add quit icon to artwork/icons
- rename to coverlovin
- Changes in config:
- add FuncFvwmAppletLibCheck in config to check whether softlink
FvwmApplet to FvwmScript exist
- increase in all functions colorsets greater 30 +1 to get more place
in theme colorsets for FvwmApplets
- update FuncFvwmNextWindow and FuncFvwmPrevWindow to support AppletIconMan
- add general Style for FvwmApplets
- add icon style for Kalende, Meteo, Plaia and Pagina
- add some Ops menu for FvwmApplets
- add update functions for tint and font color
- add general binding for Ops menu
- add key binding to show/hide AppletIconMan in .bindings
- update translation files for new key binding
- add AppletIconMan to modules to manage FvwmApplets
- add Functions to show/hide AppletIconMan and de-/activate focus on applets
- add some Nanomoids applets in applets/:
- Kalende - a Calendar
- Meteo - a Weather forecast applet
- Plaia - a Musicplayer based on mplayer
- Pagina - a Videoplayer based on mplayer
- DriveInn - a storage drives manager
- add Nanomoids icons in artwork/icons
- add some tools needed for Nanomoids in fvwm/:
- FNS-AppletConfigurator - only a GUI at the moment
- FNS-FileBrowser - a file browser based on FvwmScript-FileBrowser
- FNS-PlaylistCreator - a simple playlist creator
- add a modified version of coverlovin in bin/ to handle id3 tags and covers
- add new colorsets for Nanomoids in themes
- add 2 new infostore variables for FvwmApplets in .settings
- add FvwmSmartMaximize to all themes:
- move Maximize horizontally from mouse 3 to mouse 2 + Alt
- add Maximize smart to mouse 3
- update help
- add FvwmSmartMaximize to StartFunction and Maximize menu
- add asciidoc version of FvwmSmartMaximize help
- exchange pod manpage of FvwmSmartMaximize with asciidoc generated
- add html page of FvwmSmartMaximize
- update pod docu in FvwmSmartMaximize
- add FvwmSmartMaximize in menu MenuWindowMaximize
- update bindings in fvwm-nightshade help (asciidoc, manpage, html) and add
- update translation files (pot, po, mo)
- update AUTHORS, NEWS
- Fixes in FvwmSmartMaximize:
- get EwmhBaseStruts via xprop to eliminate command line arguments
- add additional option 'screen' to handle multi display support
- fix bug in creating preliminary display rectangle
- remove function roundDown because never needed
- finish pod documentation
- add manpage created from pod to man/
- add Modulpath to config
- new module FvwmSmartMaximize
07/08/2013 V 0.7.3
- exchange Esetroot with feh because of the poor availability in different
distribution repositories.
- update translation files (pot & po)
- update rpm/deb/arch control files
- update documentation (INSTALL, README, News)
- cpufrequtils temporarily removed from PKGBUILD - FvwmScript-CPU-Performance
not working at the moment in Arch installation. See issue #40
- add python2-xdg to Fvwm PKGBUILD script. Also remove old py-xdg 0.19.3 from
build function
- add -s to arch target to perform installation of dependencies after build
07/04/2013 V 0.7.2
- Issue #39 - installing localy needs to update /usr/share/xsessions/
- add new options in Makefile:
allow local installation without root permissions.
disable automatic install of fvwm-nightshade.desktop in /usr/share/xsessions
if no display-manager is installed.
- split target 'install' to fit new possibility into 'install' for generic
installation and dist-install for package buildings.
- update rpm spec and arch pkgbuild file
- update documentation (INSTALL, NEWS, manpage, html)
06/24/2013 V 0.7.1
- For Issue #38:
- fix bug in install rule: wrong test option -e instead of -f
- fix bug in build-install-list rule: wrong place of doc dir entry.
06/23/2013 V 0.7.0
- Issue #38 - Enhance uninstall routine
- change install/uninstall routines in the Makefile to support the creation
of an install list so keep the sources of the installed version never needed.
- update INSTALL
- update config to 0.7.0
- update README with an attention hint that this is the development version
06/15/2013 V 0.6.6
- fix bug #26 - Application menu predefines not set to .fvwm-nightshade:
- add a default .FvwmForm-Desktop-Config with needed settings
- add copy routine to FNS-BaseSetup
- fix bug #27 - Global Iconman is flipping sometimes
06/08/2013 V 0.6.5
- fix bug in debian/control that version of installed Fvwm isn't checked
correctly and FNS would be installed whether a smaller version than Fvwm
2.6.6 is installed
- fix bug in fns-find-icon that in some cases no printout occurs
- fix text formating in french and spanish translation (message boxes)
- Prepare for release 0.6.5:
- prepare fns-find-icon for Python 3 (issue #20). Also add new option -t Theme to use
another theme than the default one.
- update documentation
- fix bug #24 - FvwmScript-PersonalMenu replaces underlines in icon paths
with spaces
- fix bug #25 - FvwmScript-PersonalMenu show bad message in statusbar
- for issue #21 - TAB cycling
- remove Alt-Tab from Fvwm-Wiki and replace it with the forward/backward
functions found on the Russian Fvwm wiki (
- documentation updated (asciidoc, man, html)
- translation updated (pot, de, fr, sp)
- update README
- add spanish and french translation
- update NEWS and README
- add documentation for localization feature to fvwm-nightshade manpage,
html and asciidoc
- change in config:
- FuncShowMessage that it can work with $[gt.<message>] correctly
- FuncWindowCreateScreenshot and FuncWindowCreateScreenshot that
messages are translated correctly
- add hotkeys in all layouts in MenuWindowGroupQuickMove and MenuWindowMoveTo
- update fvwm-nightshade.pot
- update german po and mo files
- change LocalePath that locales ( will be found in
/install_prefix/share/locale or $FVWM_USERDIR/locale. Changes made in
- config
- FvwmScript-PersonalMenu
- FvwmScript-CPU-Performance
- delete redundant entries from pot/po files
- add locale install/uninstall support in Makefile
- change locale directory structure
- fix bug in FuncWriteInfoStoreToFileAndSet and FuncWriteSetEnvToFileAndSet
that theme/layout names ended with 't' doesn't show correctly in menu and
can't use though
- create initial locale template fvwm-nightshade.pot
- add localization support in:
- config (LocalePath and $[gt.xxxxx] in menus/functions)
- FNS-BaseSetup
- FvwmScript-PersonalMenu
- FvwmScript-CPU-Performance
- add german translation po file
- fix bug in FvwmScript-CPU-Performance with an absolut path for
.governor file
01/30/2013 V 0.6
Prepare for release:
- add NEWS
- add NEWS to Makefile
- update README, config
01/25/2013 V 0.5.40
- change colours of Ambience default background
- change forgotten parts in FvwmScript-CPU-Performance
01/24/2013 V 0.5.39
- Fix old keybindings in menus
- remove old comments in config
- fix typos in fvwm-nightshade manpage
01/20/2013 V 0.5.38
- add new theme FlatTab inspired by xeNULL
- fix colorset bugs in HorizontalPanel and G2likeBottomBar
- update of README and AUTHORS
01/12/2013 V 0.5.37
- change in Load function FuncPrintDbgMsg to FuncPrintMsg to fix bug with
- fix bug in FuncFvwmLayoutMenu that layouts in userdir will load correctly
- change in debian/control cpufreq to cpufrequtils
- update fvwm-nightshade manpage, html and source
- fix some formating typos in INSTALL
01/09/2013 V 0.5.36
- add documentation about autostart to fvwm-nightshade manpage
- move system/.xinitrc to doc/xinitrc-example
- update some docs (TODO, README, INSTALL)
- fix some typos in other files
01/08/2013 V 0.5.35
- add source, manpage and html page for fvwm-nightshade
01/07/2013 V 0.5.34
- fix bug in FuncChangeLayout that .settings won't updated
- change layout names in FNS-BaseSetup to handle easier updating of .FNS-BaseSetup
- add FuncUpdateBaseSetupFile to update theme and layout if changed
- delete bindings from README
01/05/2013 V 0.5.33
- change bindings in fvwm-nightshade/.bindings to more general ajar to other
- add layouts to configuration menu
12/26/2012 V 0.5.32
- fix Makefile bug in rpm building with missing sources
- fix Makefile bugs in arch building with package creation
- update INSTALL
- update system/.xinitrc
12/26/2012 V 0.5.31
- zip manpages to best -> debian guidance
- add deb, rpm and Arch build support
- update INSTALL and README
12/01/2012 V 0.5.30
- fix bug in makefile that /usr/share/xsessions and not /usr/local/share/xsessions
will be created.
11/11/2012 V 0.5.29
- restructure Configuration menu
- add Fvwm-Nightshade help menu
- update FNS-BaseSetup and its' help pages
11/09/2012 V 0.5.28
- cleanup files
11/05/2012 V 0.5.27
- add new wallpapers for CrystalBalls
- rename Tumble theme in Clean
- remove "Show Colorsets" entry from Configuration menu
- reactivate double_buffer in conky rc files because of flickering
- some clean ups in config
10/28/2012 V 0.5.25
- adapt styles of Pager and HorizontalPanel to G2likeTopBar
- add new theme 'CrystalBalls'
- addapt all other themes if some colorset option is missing anywhere
- change FvwmBacker colorset in Air, Ambience an Tribal so that each theme
has its own default background
- change in GlobalIconMan_Bar the Format string from "%c" to "%c: %t"
- change in G2likeTopBar and HorizontalPanel the start of cpu graph from
1 sec to 2 sec
- adapt Vertical layout and VerticalPanel to new ratios
10/26/2012 V 0.5.24
- change in HorizontalPanel the calculation of percentage_voffset and
date_voffset for better fiting in smaller resolutions
10/25/2012 V 0.5.23
- change name of "Default" theme to "Tumble"
- commented out some useless options in conky rc files
- change name of FvwmForm-FNS-BaseSetup to FNS-BaseSetup
- INSTALL and AUTHORS updated
- add source, manpage and html page for FNS-BaseSetup
- add Help button in FNS-BaseSetup
10/24/2012 V 0.5.22
- add possibility to de-/activate splash in FvwmForm-FNS-BaseSetup
- fix bug that wallpaper links will set only at initial use of FvwmForm-FNS-BaseSetup
- remove possibility in FvwmForm-FNS-BaseSetup to change wallpaper directory
- fix bug in FuncWriteInfoStoreToFileAndSet that strings like "xterm -fn 10x20"
will write completly
- add new function FuncWriteSetEnvToFileAndSet to config to write SetEnv
vars to files
- move InfoStore wallpaper_dir from .settings back into config
- rollout key bindings into .bindings for later changing by user
- fix bugs in Makefile that error messages occur while un-/installing manpages:
- wrong mandir
- wrong rm syntax
10/23/2012 V 0.5.21
- add '--version' to bin/fns-find-icon
- activate in Makefile install/uninstall manpages
- add man/ and doc/html
- add man/fns-find-icon.1.gz and doc/html/fns-find-icon.html
- add asciidoc/ for manpage source files + to built man and html
- add usage to bin/fns-start-programs and bin/fns-built-trayapplist
- add man/fns-start-programs.1.gz, doc/html/fns-start-programs.html and
- add man/fns-built-trayapplist.1.gz, doc/html/fns-built-trayapplist.html and
10/19/2012 V 0.5.20
- fix bug in fvwm/FvwmForm-FNS-BaseSetup that an error occur in while writing
WpDir to ~/.settings
- fix bug that conky cpu applet won't display the percentage in the right font
- add comment header in conkyrc files
- change default font from Arial to Sans
- use in HorizontalPanel same calculations for clock/date applet than in G2likeTopBar
because of sizing problems with resolution <= 1024x768
10/16/2012 V 0.5.19
- fix bugs and display problems in Horizontal and G2like layout
- fix display problems in decors
10/14/2012 V 0.5.18
- adapt G2like layout and its components to new ratios
- remove DigitalXclock and Systray module from fvwm-nightshade/modules
- change in G2likeTopBar the Personal icon from 'exec' to 'bookmark-new'
10/12/2012 V 0.5.17
- replace ratio with hratio and wratio because of scaling problems in
pager, layouts, panels and titlebars
- adapt horizontal layout and its components to new ratios
- adapt decors to new ratios
10/11/2012 V 0.5.16
- fix bug in bin/fns-find-icon that the wrong icon was found
- change some parts in G2like layout:
- change top and bottom in EwmhBaseStruts that maximized windows won't
overlap bars
- set in both bars the Styles !Iconifiable, !Maximizable, FixedSize, FixedPosition
- change the button icon for personal because 'stock_bookmark' is not
available in some icon themes
- change used colorset in both bars. Now the font color is always the same
- add ActiveColorset to some buttons in both bars
10/09/2012 V 0.5.15
- add new layout 'G2like' - it looks like Gnome 2 with a top and bottom bar
- add G2like to FvwmForm-FNS-BaseSetup
- add two new options to bin/fns-find-icon:
-c category. Default is apps
--notdesk Don't search in desktop files. Default is false
Now it's possible to search for icons also
10/06/2012 V 0.5.14
- add functional vertical layout
- adapt horizontal layout to fit the changes in the vertical layout
- move some key bindings related to FvwmPager and menus into the
layout files
10/03/2012 V 0.5.13
- change horizontal panel creation to fit different screen resolutions
10/02/2012 V 0.5.12
- fix positioning problem with GlobalIconman_ShowHide
- change FE-* functions in GlobalIconman_ShowHide and GlobalIconman_TopBottom
because in both they had the same names and so it was not possible to
use them togehter
- add in all FvwmForms the <enter> key
- change default theme from Ambience to Tribal in FvwmForm-FNS-BaseSetup
- change default wallpaper_dir from $FNS_SYSTEMDIR/artwork/wallpapers to
$FVWM_USERDIR/wallpapers. Also remove configure possibility in FvwmForm-FNS-BaseSetup
but create $FVWM_USERDIR/wallpapers and linked in all wallpapers in
10/01/2012 V 0.5.11
- add new GlobalIconMan (GlobalIconman_ShowHide) which moves down if
mouse hover over it and roll back if it leaves.
- move enter_window event into the IconMan configs
- adjust the old GlobalIconMan and rename it to GlobalIconman_TopBottom
09/29/2012 V 0.5.10
- change some colors in the Tribal theme
09/28/2012 V 0.5.9
- fix bug in FuncWriteInfoStoreToFileAndSet that paths won't saved
- Add new theme 'Tribal'
- fix problem, that with FuncDesktopCreateScreenshot no screenshot with
open menu can made
09/23/2012 V 0.5.8
- add Debug mode:
- FNS_DEBUG env variable in bin/fvwm-nightshade. 1=debug; 0=default
- add FuncPrintMsg in fvwm-nightshade/fns-init, change FuncPrintDbgMsg,
Load. Also change in config file FuncPrintDbgMsg to FuncPrintMsg
- fix bug in modules/HorizontalPanel - load wrong module
- fix bug in Load function - break needs level to stop breaking after
1 level and not all ...
- move IconBox into layouts because it belongs to them
- cleanup config
09/23/2012 V 0.5.7
- add bin/fns-find-icon and change Thumbnail/DeThumbnail functions
to create thumbs with better and correct mini icons
09/22/2012 V 0.5.6
- add governor-tool FvwmScript-CPU-Performance
- add icon for governor-tool artwork/icons/GovernorLogo.png
- add menu entry in config file
- update README for new added Governor-tool
09/22/2012 V 0.5.5
- add thumbnailing as a replacement for iconify/deiconify
- change Makefile back to install scripts into $[PREFIX]/share/fvwm
because FvwmForm files only called from within $[PREFIX]/share/fvwm
- move fvwm-nightshade/scripts to fvwm/
- change third searchpath for FvwmScript in config from $FNS_SYSTEMDIR
to $FVWM_USERDIR for user owned FvwmScripts
- README updated with new entries for mailing list
09/15/2012 v 0.5.4
- add UrgencyFunc with other behaviour to config
- add the third searchpath for FvwmScript to config
- move scripts copied to Fvwm's systemdir from fvwm folder to
fvwm-nightshade/scripts folder
- delete in Makefile the part where scripts copied/deleted to/from
fvwm's systemdir
- INSTALL updated
- TODO updated
- README updated
09/09/2012 V 0.5.3
- change names of wallpapers with 5x4 to 4x3
- add error message to fns-start-programs if no infile found
- accelerate reading of .menu if available
- add 2 new splash screens and new icons
- change icon name in config, HorizontalPanel and VerticalPanel
- change stalonetray log file name from test.log to systray.log
- add used_banner and wallpaper_dir to .settings for FvwmForm-FNS-BaseSettings
- fix bug in name creation of screenshot functions
- add headers to some files
- change WallpaperBrowser function that thumbs will saved in
- add IgnoreModifiers L25 for problems with ClickToFocus
- update Makefile
- update INSTALL and README
08/21/2012 V 0.5.2
- change structure from user to system configuration:
- main part is now located in $prefix/share/fvwm-nightshade
- user part is now located in ~/.fvwm-nightshade
08/21/2012 V 0.5.1
- add
- AUTHORS: List of Authors and contributors
- bin/fvwm-nightshade: startup script
- templates/fvwm-nightshade.desktop: login script
- doc/License: GPL2
- add lost About box
07/31/2012 V 0.5
- roll out some infostore variables to .settings so that an update of the
config won't destroy user settings
- create two desktop layouts: Horizontal and Vertical
- replace xclock with conky (because of transparent background)
- fix bug that FuncDesktopCreateScreenshot creates now the whole desktop
not only the active window
07/31/2012 V 0.4.5
- update relevant parts related to Fvwm Default Config V 0.21.7
- add some comments and delete unused lines
- delete FvwmProxy because it works only on the actual page and for that
FuncSwitchWindow exist
- Add moving active window to page n with SHIFT-ALT+1-4 + update help windows
- delete FuncFvwmShowColorsets becaue make no sense for user
07/27/2012 V 0.4.4
- update relevant parts related to Fvwm Default Config V 0.21.6
- simplify menus with MissingSubmenuFunction and swaping Test/TestRc
parts into functions
- Create decorations with DestroyDecor/AddToDecor
- Resort Style commands in General and Application blocks (Not scattered
over the complete config)
- delete inProgress part cause never needed anymore (due to new
fvwm-menu-desktop in CVS)
- delete FuncGetFvwmVersion
- Change in FvwmScript-PersonalMenu Popup Menu widget to List widget
to show all menu entries if list is longer than display height
06/12/2012 V 0.4.3
- add About box
- add !Title style for FvwmForm-RunCommand, FvwmForm-About, FvwmForm-Messages
- fix bugs in
- fix bugs creating .menu
- fix paths of FvwmScript-PersonalMenu to find it in the module dir
- add an installer script
- add new default wallpaper (5:4 & 16:9) to artwork
06/10/2012 V 0.4.2
- update overview and some comments in config
- add a header in all files (version, description, cdate, ...)
- replace wrong to correct one
06/05/2012 V 0.4.1
- create colorset template
- clean up all colorsets files
- change background colors in DigitalXclock and systray to the theme
related color background
06/05/2012 V 0.4
- new decors: Ambience (Ubuntu), Air (Kde Oxygen-air)
- add decor switching without restart via menu
- add autostart function for programs
- change Configuration menu with a smaller depth
- add Gtk+ and Qt theme switcher to Configuration menu
- add changing theme resistant via sed
- adapt themes (buttons & titlebar)
05/18/2012 V 0.3
- change mouse 3 binding from MenuWindowOpsFull to MenuDesktopOps with
MenuWallpaperConfiguration, MenuHelp and MenuWindowOpsFull menus
05/18/2012 V 0.2
- add new menu creation with
-> while startup: if no .menu exist in the Root menu "Menu creation in progress ..."
occurs, because fvwm-xdg-menu runs in the background.
-> the Read .menu starts only once and then never (prevent the permanent
reading of .menu while opening the root menu
05/18/2012 V 0.1
- initial creation of
- config
- themes