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Fvwm-Nightshade Release Notes
Version 0.6.9 (09th October 2014)
- Update fvwm-menu-desktop2, FvwmForm-MultiMenuHelp2 and their French and
Spanish translation to last upstream changes.
- Fix colorset bug in Air, Ambience and Tribal which ends up in an empty
FvwmIdent (thanks for the patches from bstrik :-) ).
- Fix bug in fns-start-programs that comments (with # infront) creating errors
- Add CTRL + left Windows key anywhere to open Desktop menu.
- Fix bugs in FuncWriteInfoStoreToFileAndSet and FuncWriteSetEnvToFileAndSet
that strings with space get cut and therefore .settings get corrupted.
- Exchange blutooth-applet with bluemon-applet because it doesn't exist in
Gnome3 anymore.
- Add support for hald, upower and systemd to FuncSuspend/FuncHibernate
Version 0.6.8 (20th October 2013)
- New feature smart maximize - moves and resizes a current window to the
largest free area of a desktop/page (thanks to Andreas Hoenen ^^)
- Right click menu for Conky clock and CPU applet in panel to restart
them on error and start other related scripts/applets.
- New set of icons for menus and internal apps to remove wm-icons dependency
because this package isn't available in all distributions and of its'
unscalability. Also special thanks to Alessandro Roncone who gives us
the permission to use his Awoken icons :-).
- Works now with FVWM 2.6.5 without loosing new Xdg menu support from CVS
- Support for Gentoo installation (thanks to Sebastian Luncan :-) )
- Own XDG applications menu with it's own directory files
- New fvwm-menu-desktop GUI with help windows
Version 0.6.7 (09th July 2013)
- Fix issue #38 - Enhance uninstall routine
Makefile supports now the creation of an install list so keep the sources
of the installed version never needed.
- Fix issue #39 - installing localy needs to update /usr/share/xsessions/
It is now possible to install Fvwm-Nightshade without the login file
fvwm-nightshade.desktop. Also local installation can be done if user
hasn't root rights.
- exchange Esetroot with feh because of the poor availability in different
distribution repositories.
- Remark for Arch:
FvwmScript-CPU-Performance not working at the moment. See issue #40
Version 0.6.6 (15th June 2013)
- Bugfix #26 - Application menu predefines not set to .fvwm-nightshade
- Bugfix #27 - Global Iconman is flipping sometimes
Version 0.6.5 (09th June 2013)
- Add localization support for the following languages:
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Add Tab cycling (#21) in both directions with Alt-Tab (forward) and Alt-Shift-Tab (backwards)
- Prepare Python scripts to work with Python 2 and 3 (#20)
- Bugfix for FuncWriteInfoStoreToFileAndSet and FuncWriteSetEnvToFileAndSet
that theme/layout names ended with 't' doesn't show correctly in menu and
can't use though.
- Bugfix for FvwmScript-CPU-Performance with an absolut path for .governor file.
- Bugfix #24 - FvwmScript-PersonalMenu replaces underlines in icon paths with spaces
- Bugfix #25 - FvwmScript-PersonalMenu show bad message in statusbar
Version 0.6 (30th January 2013)
This is the first official release of Fvwm-Nightshade.
- Own configuration directory ~/.fvwm-nightshade (can be used parallel to existing Fvwm configuration)
- Own entry "Fvwm-Nightshade" in graphical login managers
- Config tool for base settings (Font, layouts, etc)
- 4 virtual desktop pages
- Taskbar to show running apps per page
- Three different layouts: Horizontal, Vertical and G2like
- Lock desk & screensaver (xscreensaver)
- Personal menu via FvwmScript-PersonalMenu
- Background configurable with thumb browser (imagemagick and eterm)
- Animation control of window moves
- Simple "Run" command with FvwmForm
- 6 themes/decors (Clean, Ambience, Tribal, CrystalBall, FlatTab and Air).
Can be changed on the fly without restart
- Own themes and layouts can be created with templates (at the moment
only theme templates available)
- Autostart possibility (starting apps while startup)
- A useful set of GUI tools to configure the global system (Gtk+, Qt,
mouse, keyboard, etc)
- Help messages for mouse bindings in titlebar, window, corners, sides
and icon with Shift-Alt-Ctrl + click
- Help messages for key bindings with Shift-Alt-Ctrl + key
- A global one with Shift-Alt-Ctrl + H
- Dynamic menus
- Switching focus between windows with Alt-Tab
- Splash screen
- Print messages for needed apps for full config functionality in
- Governor-tool FvwmScript-CPU-Performance to handle cpufreq
- Create thumbs with mini icon and name for iconified applications
instead of their icon
- Build support for deb, rpm and Arch packages
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