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@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ Contributors (in no specific order):
- Maxime Lordier for french translation
- Adonai Martin and Jesús J. Guerrero Botella for spanish translation
- Andreas Hoenen for Perl module FvwmSmartMaximize
+- Sebastian Luncan for Gentoo ebuild
If anybody find code which is from her/him please contact one of the
authors of Fvwm-Nightshade that we can add her/him to the list :-)
@@ -1,5 +1,19 @@
+- add Gentoo installation support (thanks to Sebastian Luncan for the ebuild)
+- add install documentation for Gentoo to INSTALL
+- add gentoo-prepare in Makefile to create an install package and an ebuild
+ with the correct version number
+- update README, AUTHORS and NEWS
+- fix bugs in fvwm-menu-desktop2 if only one xdg menu exists:
+ - no output appears with 'fvwm-menu-desktop --get-menus all|desktop'
+ - no entry "Regenerate XDG menu(s)" appears with 'fvwm-menu-desktop --insert-in-menu MenuRoot'
+ therefore the output in fvwm-menu-desktop-config.fpl is completely crappy.
+ - if an icon not found but the path was given convert
+ - exchanged all Tabs with spaces to prevent indention errors with the Python interpreter.
+- update version in config
- add deleted function FuncWriteSetEnvToFileAndSet back into config
- fix wrong rm commands in uninstall-alternative in Makefile
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ Version 0.7.4
largest free area of a desktop/page (thanks to Andreas Hoenen ^^)
- works now with FVWM 2.6.5 without loosing new Xdg menu support from CVS
+- support for Gentoo installation (thanks to Sebastian Luncan :-) )
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ Featurelist of Fvwm-Nightshade 0.7.4:
- Governor-tool FvwmScript-CPU-Performance to handle cpufreq
- Create thumbs with mini icon and name for iconified applications
instead of their icon
-- Build support for deb, rpm and Arch packages and local installation
+- Build support for deb, rpm, Arch, Gentoo and local installation
- Localization support for German, French and Spanish
- Smart maximize windows - move and resize windows to the largest free
area of a desktop/page

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