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Render Music Add-on for Blender

While rendering, "elevator" music automatically plays. When the render job is
complete, a bell rings.

You can optionally enable and disable the music and bell from the Render panel
of Render Properties.

From the Files section of User Preferences, you can specify different sounds for
the render music and end tone. Any sound file that Blender recognizes (WAV, MP3,
OGG, AIFF, etc.) is supported.

Packaged sounds are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license

  * Elevator Music Loop by Sam Brubaker (special thanks for custom-producing
      this loop) - http://soundcloud.com/worldsday/elevator-music-loop
  * Zen Temple Bell by Mike Koenig - http://soundbible.com/1477-Zen-Temple-Bell.html

More complete documentation can be found in Blender's add-ons Catalog 

This add-on started as a joke, but it turns out that's really useful. I use it
every day. And quite a few people have forked it for their own purposes.