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RPGCore is a toolkit for producing games and mechanics in C#.

RPGCore Main Demo The Unity demo project.

📦 Libraries

RPGCore.Data.Polymorphic Status: Viable
Polymorphic data serialization.

RPGCore.DataEditor Status: Viable
Data file editing API.

RPGCore.Events Status: Work-in-progress
Value wrappers and collections with events.

RPGCore.Packages Status: Work-in-progress
Loading pre-packaged content.

RPGCore.Projects Status: Work-in-progress
Authoring pre-packaged content and build pipelines.

RPGCore.FileTree Status: Work-in-progress
File system abstraction with file change events.

RPGCore.World Status: Work-in-progress
Modular Entity-Component-System for games.

RPGCore.Behaviour Status: Mockup
Data-driven mechanics.

RPGCore.Inventories Status: Mockup
Inventories that contain, store, and move items.

RPGCore.Items Status: Mockup
Modular implementation of RPG items.

RPGCore.Traits Status: Mockup
RPG character stats and item stats.

🔍 Overview

Unity Version: 2019.3.0f6

At it's core, this project features a behaviour system that's used to create modular items and buffs. The behaviour system is setup using a visual scripting tool, shown below.

Fire Cape Graph The graph editor for the 'Fire Cape' item.

RPGCore is built around a modular behaviour system. One of the core uses for this system is modular items.

Below is an item called the 'Fire Cape'. It applies the Immolate buff to it's owner, which deals damage to nearby enemies.

This graph in the game is interpreted by the tooltip system, which renders the 'Fire Cape' tooltip as shown below.

Fire Cape Tooltip The tooltip for the 'Fire Cape' item.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License