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About FYD

What is FYD?
FYD is a decentralized online community of freelancers and crypto enthusiasts, working together to realize
a decentralized gig-economy utilizing the advantages of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper_FYD_2021
Block Explorer:
Backup Explorer:


What is FYDcoin?
FYDcoin is a cryptocurrency designed for (digital) freelancers such as web designers, programmers, animators, writers and online content creators. FYDcoins are digital coins that can be sent from person to person without a bank. Fast transactions (confirmed under a minute) and low transaction fees (under $0.0001) make FYDcoin ideal for P2P microtransactions necessary in the gig-economy.

What makes FYDcoin unique?
FYDcoin is a cryptocurrency that has a lot of similarities to Bitcoin. For example FYDcoin has its own blockchain, a finite coin supply (650 million FYDcoin), doesn’t have a central point of authority, and has a yearly halving. What makes FYDcoin different from Bitcoin is that you can mine (mint) FYDcoin on any laptop or PC without the need for expensive mining equipment. Not only does this decentralize the network (since mining is available for a larger audience) it also uses significantly less energy than alternatives to maintain, and scale, a secured cryptocurrency network.

Staking FYD & Masternodes – Passive income in crypto
With an active balance in a FYD Wallet, and a stable internet connection, users receive FYDcoin blockrewards. The higher the FYDcoin balance of a user, the higher the chance of receiving a blockreward. Staking can be done on any laptop/PC or Macbook. With 400.000 FYDcoin, users are able to host a server with a copy of the FYD blockchain and receive higher rewards than Staking with a Masternode.

FYD explorer
The FYD explorer is a decentralized online ledger (spreadsheet) that holds all FYDcoin transactions ever made, shows statistics about mining/masternode rewards and the distribution of FYDcoin. ► Block Explorer:
► Masternode statistics:
► Price details:
► Coin distribution:
► FYD nodes:

FYD wiki
FYD focusses on educating newcomers through articles and free online video’s about Cryptocurrency, Staking crypto, Mining crypto, Masternodes, NFT Tokens and much more.
► FYD wiki youtube channel: FYD wiki on Youtube
► Crypto for beginners:
► Mining for beginners:
► Staking for beginners:
► Masternodes for beginners:

FYDCoin Specs

Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Max Coin Supply650M

RPC Port 37484 P2P Port 37485

Rewards Breakdown

Block Block Reward MN Reward Staking Reward Treasury Reward Time period
526,001-1,052,000 200 140 40 20 1 year
1,052,001-1,578,000 100 70 20 10 1 year
1,578,001-2,104,000 50 35 10 5 1 year
2,104,001-2,630,000 25 17.5 5 2.5 1 year
2,630,001-3,156,000 10 7 2 1 1 year
3,156,001-3,682,000 5 3.5 1 0.5 1 year
3,682,001-4,208,000 2.5 1.75 0.5 0.25 1 year
4,208,001-4,734,000 1.25 0.875 0.25 0.125 1 year
4,734,001-5,260,000 0.25 0.175 0.05 0.025 1 year
5,260,001-5,786,000 0.05 0.035 0.01 0.005 1 year
5,786,001-6,312,000 0.01 0.007 0.002 0.001 1 year
6,312,001-6,838,000 0.002 0.0014 0.0004 0.0002 1 year
6,838,001-7,364,000 0.0004 0.00028 0.00008 0.00004 1 year
7,364,001+ - - - - -

FYD Community




FYD listing partners



FYDCoin is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency focused on the gig economy. Fast transactions with low transaction fees. Proof of Stake X11 consensus based.





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