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by Fynn Linus Kölling and Kai Fehrcke

Implementation of a web application for a library website. The application contains several pages with functions such as registration and log in options, the creation, search and rating of books, and wish lists. All functions are listed in the table below. AJAX applications were written to implement user-related actions, for example when searching for a book. A MySQL database runs in the background. It contains four tables for the users, the books, the ratings and the wish lists.


Please note that all text on the pages is written in German. However, the code is commented in English. The repository contains a sitemap PDF that gives an overview of the web pages and functions.

To run the application, XAMPP ( must be installed and the Apache and MySQL modules must be started. The repository must be stored under C:\xampp\htdocs. The databases in the backend can be accessed in any web browser via http://localhost/phpmyadmin. Before starting the application, a new database with the name mybib must be created there! The application can then be accessed in a web browser via http://localhost/repository-name/start.php. It is necessary to call start.php first when starting the application for the first time in order to create the necessary tables!

The application comes with admin access. The access details are: Email: Password: 12345. The admin has special rights such as creating new books or organising user accounts.

Folder structure:

  • Repository: HTML/PHP pages, CSS file and subfolders js, php and pic.
  • Subfolder js: Pure Javascript files
  • Subfolder php: Pure PHP files
  • Subfolder pic: Images for the website


Funktion Page PHP function Javascript
Guest functions:
Create user account register.php register_fkt.php check_register_pw.js
Show books allbooks.php allbooks_fkt.php
Search book allbooks.php allbooks_fkt.php
Show book information info.php info_fkt.php
User functions:
Login login.php login_fkt.php
Logout logout_fkt.php
Delete user account deleteAccount_fkt.php
Add book to wish list info.php addwish_fkt.php
Rate book rate.php rate_fkt.php rate.js
Show wish list wishlist.php
Edit wish list wishlist.php deletewish_fkt.php
Admin functions:
Add book addbook.php addbook_fkt.php
Edit book editbook.php editbook_fkt.php
Delete book editbook.php deletebook_fkt.php
Show user accounts allusers.php
Show wish lists allusers.php
Show wish list of user wishlist.php



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