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The information is in the database, the hierarchical checkbox code is already there, so it would make sense to have the option to display browser versions for specific targeting. Maybe only three per browser (current, previous and upcoming) to avoid cluttering the interface.

Also, it would be really neat to have a threshold slider that would select/deselect the browsers based on usage stats. Again, both the data and the code to implement this are already present on the site (in the "versions shown" filter box), so it seems definitely doable.


Unless I understand you wrong, this pretty much exists. :) On the "Tables" tab, click "Show options" and you should see a slider that allows you to do just what you suggest. I realize that option should probably be more visible.


I am aware of the options, but indeed I got a little confused by the interface. Let me try again:

I submit that it would make sense to have the "versions shown" slider affect the checkboxes as well. Currently if I set the minimum browser usage % slider to its maximum value (25.35%, apparently?), all current and future versions of the selected browsers are shown, even though if I hover them I can clearly see their user base as being much less than that.

This is contradictory, so the appropriate checkboxes should be deselected/reselected automatically (or at least disabled/enabled, in order to preserve user's choice) when moving the slider, and the corresponding columns in the table hidden. Does this make sense?


Ah, yes, I see what you're saying. The reasoning behind this behavior is that since the statistics are always from the previous month, the current version usage % is often likely to be out of date (especially for Chrome and Firefox). It seemed to me that in most cases a developer would always want to consider the current version of a browser, since only a growing amount of users would wind up using it.

As for the future browsers, they're highly unlikely to have any meaningful usage %, so they're always visible so people will know what's coming up. If the slider value were to be applied to them, they'd almost always be hidden.

I do suppose this behavior could be made optional, though, since I can see the value of your expected behavior.


Yes, perhaps through a checkbox (labeled "strict filtering" or something to that effect) next to the "versions shown" slider :)
A tooltip for that label with a slightly more detailed explanation could be useful.

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