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Why do you use version "0" for Chr/And and FF/And #53

wuchengwei opened this Issue · 5 comments

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@Fyrd I'm just wondering, why not just use version "18" for Chr/And and "15" for FF/And?


Mostly because I plan to only record the data of the latest version (testing older versions of these browsers is near impossible as of little value), so internally it's easier to stick to a single ID. I admit this is rather confusing for anyone else using the data, so I should probably see if I can change that for the exported data.


How about

"n" as of version 20
"y" as of version 22

something like that?

The data structure would be something like this:


Hmm, not too bad an idea...but it'd take additional work in the processing of the data that I'd prefer to avoid. I think I'll actually wind up just tracking the information and if I don't know I'll just set older untestable versions as "u"nknown.


I think we just want to know whether the current version of Android Firefox supports something or not, so to avoid "u", we may just write the latest version we checked, so that the contributors can check a feature only on the current version.


This got changed recently, just showing the latest version now.

@Fyrd Fyrd closed this
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