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webrtc #85

Raynos opened this Issue · 6 comments

3 participants

Raynos (Jake Verbaten) Paul Irish Alexis Deveria
Raynos (Jake Verbaten)

Currently Browser support is chrome 23 and firefox nightly.

It would be nice to have some entries for this

Paul Irish

getUserMedia is already in there. I'd say we should have "RTCPeerConnection/WebRTC" as a separate entry though.

Raynos (Jake Verbaten)

getUserMedia isn't really webrtc at all. It's a separate spec.

Paul Irish
Raynos (Jake Verbaten)

People should read specs and understand these things!

I feel you though.

Paul Irish

i feel you, too.


Alexis Deveria

This got added a few weeks ago at

Alexis Deveria Fyrd closed this
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