Avoid Primitive Obsession with Fluent Types
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Avoid Primitive Obsession with Fluent Types

The goal of this project is to avoid Primitive Obsession. It's not a "new primitive" type that exposes all of the behavior. The project is meant to be pulled into your solution. Modify the Type base class to include only the functionality you need when you need it. Then it represents exactly what the project needs.

Create objects to represent the concepts you want. A Name should be an object; that perhaps is composed of a Text. Text itself doesn't represent a Name. The FluentTypes help navigate the microObject space and are a style that enables easy functionality and fluidity in the code.

I'm still experimenting with how this functions in the code and where it fails.

This isn't only to remove actual primitives from the code. This is intended to be a style for classes that represent objects, such as Name to be operated on more effectively and readably in the code.

Placement of Dervied Classes

I'm currently practicing that the derived classes will go into the namespace (Texts, Bools, etc) of the type it appears on, not the type it IS. For example, IsEmptyText derives from Bool, but it will be exposed through Text as aText.IsEmptyText(). As IsEmptyText is strongly coupled to Text class, it should be in the same namespace.