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BeagleBone Universal Removed Pololu Steppers
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BeagleBone Universal Removed Pololu Steppers

BeagleBone Black cape providing a semi-generic optoisolated breakout for 4 stepper axis outputs and 3 limit switch inputs. The BBB I/O pin configuration is chosen for compatibility with BeagleG for testing purposes. Output is a male DB-25 connector, with pinout selected for compatibility with FlashCut CNC stepper driver electronics.

BURPS is therefore a stripped-down implementation of BUMPS, the BeagleBone Universal Multi Pololu Steppers board.

The BURPS PCB design files were created with Cadsoft Eagle 5.12.0. This board is designed for a prototype milling process, and may not be suitable for commercial fabrication.

PCB v1.0 uses a male DB-25 connector mounted on the bottom of the board for external signals. This was found to conflict with peripherals plugged into the USB type A or micro HDMI ports.

PCB v1.1 replaces the DB-25 connector with a dual-row 26-pin header. The pinout of the header corresponds to a male DB-25. A ribbon cable assembly with header IDC and male DB-25 IDC will connect the signals correctly.

The graphics below depict PCB v1.0.

pcb schematic

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