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Docker Automated build StackShare

G-Node Conference Application Suite - Web Application

This project provides an online application for the submission and management of abstracts to conferences in the scientific community (focus life sciences).

Features include:

  • Management of multiple individual conferences
  • Admin based conference workflow from open, active to closed
  • Submission and editing of abstracts for open conferences
  • Abstract workflow on a user/admin based system from submitted to accepted/rejected
  • Abstract viewer for open and closed conferences
  • Conference locations and floorplans
  • Conference schedule
  • Favourite abstracts
  • Supports offline viewing of individual conferences

The current version is stable.

A previous version of the application can be found in the "oldstable" branch.

Please find the latest release notes in the release section.

Frontend tests using Selenium

The application suite provides frontend test using Selenium. A full setup and usage description can be found in the frontend test readme.