Ontology for Experimental Neurophysiology
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Ontology for Experimental Neurophysiology

OEN is an ontology aiming at describing both the context of the data (experimental procedures, devices, setup description, acquisition settings,…) and the content of the data by providing general neuroscience concepts used to describe neurophysiology data (firing pattern, spike characteristics,…). This project results from the collaboration between experts from [G-Node] (www.g-node.org), the [INCF task force on standards for sharing of electrophysiology data] (www.incf.org/programs/datasharing/electrophysiology-task-force), EEGBase, [NIF] (www.neuinfo.org), [Neuroelectro.org] (www.neurolectro.org) and e-Science Data Factory.

For more information about the project and the repository content, please visit the OEN Wiki.

OEN is developed by Yann Le Franc (e-Science Data Factory), Antoine Brémaud (e-Science Data Factory), Anita Brandowski (NIF), Shreejoy Tripathy (Neuroelectro.org), Petr Bruha (EEGBase), Vaclav Papez (EEGBase), Thomas Wachtler (G-Node), Jan Grewe (G-Node), Roman Moucek (EEGBase)

This work is supported by INCF, the German INCF Node (BMBF grant 01GQ1302) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Project "NTIS – New Technologies for Information Society", European Centre of Excellence, CZ.1.05/1.1.00/02.0090.

To cite this work, please use the following references:

1-Brůha P., Papež V., Brandowski A.E., Grewe J., Mouček R., Tripathy S., Wachtler T., Le Franc Y., "The Ontology for Experimental Neurophysiology: a first step toward semantic annotations of neurophysiology data and metadata", Front. Neuroinform., 2013

2-Le Franc Yann, Bandrowski Anita, Bruha Petr, Papez Vaclav, Grewe Jan, Moucek Roman, Tripathy J Shreejoy, Wachtler Thomas, "Describing neurophysiology data and metadata with OEN, the Ontology for Experimental Neurophysiology", Front. Neuroinform.,2014


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.