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Welcome to the OEN wiki!

This wiki contains the documentation related to OEN. This ontology is still work in progress, term ids are subject to change rapidly until we reach a stable version.

To load this ontology on Protege, you can use the following URL:

##Discover OEN

In this documentation, you will find the following topics:

  1. About the project

  2. An overview of OEN design

  3. A description of the python tool suite used to create OEN

  4. The references cited in this documentation

You can find a pdf version of the documentation here

##Contribute to OEN Some terms are still missing. Please help us adding new terms, by submitting a templated form (requires Github login), or equivalently by posting an issue using the label "new term".

In the latter case, in the comment, please provide the following information:

* label
* definition
* synonym
* source
* example of use

If you have any comments on this document (typos, questions, ...) or if you wish to contribute to OEN, please contact Yann Le Franc at ylefranc"at"

##Cite OEN Please cite the following reference:

1- Brůha P., Papež V., Brandowski A.E., Grewe J., Mouček R., Tripathy S., Wachtler T., Le Franc Y., "The Ontology for Experimental Neurophysiology: a first step toward semantic annotations of neurophysiology data and metadata", Front. Neuroinform., 2013

2- Le Franc Yann, Bandrowski Anita, Bruha Petr, Papez Vaclav, Grewe Jan, Moucek Roman, Tripathy J Shreejoy, Wachtler Thomas, "Describing neurophysiology data and metadata with OEN, the Ontology for Experimental Neurophysiology", Front. Neuroinform.,2014

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