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G-Node portal repository (for the moment only docs)
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G-Node Portal

The address is referenced in a publication so the deployed page from this repository should stay online. There will be no further updates to this project. The front page now includes a banner that redirects users to GIN.


  • The themes needed for compilation of this documentation by Sphinx should be pulled from a different repository ( and stored in source/_themes/
  • The compiled html files should be pushed to gh-pages branch of this repository


  1. git clone g-node-portal && cd g-node-portal
  2. git clone source/_themes
  3. mkdir -p build/html && git clone -b gh-pages build/html
  4. make html
  5. git add -A && git ci -m "commit message" && git push #push changes to source code
  6. cd build/html
  7. git add -A && git ci -m "commit message" && git push #push changes to HMTL pages
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